Program for Children | BLOCK 1 (AGE 2-6)
Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

4.09 | 11:00

The first block includes films for kids that will capture the attention of the youngest audience. These movies will take them to extraterrestrial dimensions, create adventure mood, teach them how to treat animals ethically, and be friends with others. This selection will reveal the secret of how to achieve their small goals. 

Running Time 60 min.

    Jerry Wang

    Canada | 06:40 | 2020

    A story about two Gemini brothers' journey on the earth. The Older brother wants to enjoy the trip himself, but his younger brother always follows him and makes a lot of troubles

  • Rhino
    Bethany Powell

    United Kingdom | 03:19 | 2020

    The animals are afraid of the large and lonely Rhino, but through a series of good deeds he gains their trust.When Rhino himself needs help, Oxpecker – the smallest and most afraid of Rhino – bands the others together to help out their new friend.

  • Kiki The Feather
    Julie Rembauville

    France | 05:47 | 2020

    Kiki the canary only knows his cage and the old lady who feeds him. He dreams of flying with the free birds from outside. When at last the door of the cage stays open, he escapes and discovers the big outside where it’s necessary to know how to fly. Finally, being a free bird, it’s scary.

  • Hedera
    Fêt-Nat Bailly

    United Kingdom | 03:47 | 2020

    Deep in the woods a small creature tries to plant his acorn but is interrupted by his nagging little sister. Out of frustration, he sends her to the top of an oak tree to find her own acorn and take accountability. What she’ll find and learn on her way there will change her forever.

  • Under the clouds
    Vasilisa Tikunova

    Russia | 03:44 | 2021

    Walter the lamb wants more than anything else to become a free and beautiful cloud. But the path to his dream turns out to be truly difficult and unpredictable.

  • Good Luck
    Chin Tung, Lin Zhi Xuan, Yeh Ying Hsuan

    Taiwan | 03:32 | 2021

    There are lots of temptations in our daily life. Blindly pursuing something may lead us to get involved in trouble. Do we really need to read our horoscope and follow the advice?

  • Master painter Ranksy
    Uli Seis

    Germany | 01:55 | 2020

    On her evening stroll street art rat Ranksy spots some pigeons who are having the wildest roof-top-party. She is desperate to join them but the house seems to high, the walls impossible to climb. However, Ranksy won’t give up yet! She is always brimming with ideas.

  • Pirat'tack
    Benjamin Langagne, Marine Beuvain, Pierre Guislain, Kerrian Detay, Camille Flinois, Tana Gallais

    France | 03:19 | 2020

    Two crazy pirates sail on the English Channel, facing them: an island and a treasure.

  • Push
    Trilina Mai

    USA | 04:02 | 2019

    A Grandfather and grandson's journey through life.

  • The Masked Avenger
    Luna Strmotić

    Croatia | 04:31 | 2021

    A small raccoon is happily decorating his den, without any worries, he goes to sleep but the next day a lumberjack suddenly appears and destroys the den that the raccoon loves so much.

  • Shi-Fu
    Jack Lien

    Taiwan | 02:24 | 2020

    Shi-Fu is a 2D animation short about two characters a human boy who likes Kung Fu, and a mosquito. They are interacting in the boy's room, and the boy tried to learn Kung Fu by himself to beat the mosquito. A thesis by MFA student Jack Lien.

  • Run Nuki!
    Pedro Juliá

    Argentina | 03:32 | 2020

    Wreaking havoc on The Familiar Forest, Nuki the raccoon is pursued by Dr Frosk, best known as The Toxic Swamp toad. Mamaruga, Nuki´s mother, must intervene to bring the peace on the forest again.

  • Waves
    Ho Wing Ki

    Hong Kong | 06:47 | 2020

    Once upon a time, there was a giant wave caused by an earthquake, and it washed the little water creature, Yauyu, into the forest. Yauyu accidentally hit a tree trunk and fell, which made it meet the land creature, Mogu. Mogu looked at this poor creature, figured out where it comes from and decided to take it back to where it belongs to…

  • I love loving mom
    Stepan Koval

    Ukraine | 04:15 | 2020

    A boy paints with watercolors that he got as a gift. He paints his mom, dad, grandma, grandpa. As the inspiration gets the best of him, he starts painting on the walls.