Program for Children | BLOCK 2 (AGE 2-6)
Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

5.09 | 11:00

Every film of this block reveals something good at the end. These are stories about a positive attitude to the world and the others, the ability to live easily and slowly with fun and adventures. These films will trigger sympathy and make the viewers think about the consequences of excessive use of gadgets.

Running Time 60 min.

  • Spellbound
    Amelia Parker

    United Kingdom | 03:27 | 2020

    It’s Halloween night, 13-year-old Blair has just moved into a new neighbourhood. She carves a pumpkin who magically comes to life! They go out on a fun adventure filled with tricks and treats. However, her anxiety gets the best of her when it comes to making new friends.


  • YAY
    Anne Isensee

    Germany | 02:45 | 2021

    Lily Armstrong and her friends Carla and Dubio are living in a world of dark dullness - until Lily discovers there is a world above full of color, music, and adventure. The three friends must combine their strengths to emerge from the darkness together.

  • Warm star
    Anna Kuzina

    Russia | 04:29 | 2020

    A bird that keeps order in the sky accidentally drops a star during cleaning. And on the earth, children find her.

  • Chamallow
    Marie Narrat

    France | 02:57 | 2020

    Lucie is a little 8-year-old girl who sleeps peacefully one night in her room. A creature sneaks across the room with only one objective, Lucie's packet of marshmallows. A clumsiness awakens the little girl, who then comes face to face with Malo. This unexpected encounter will push them to discover each other...

  • Missed Judgment
    Charlotte Técher

    France | 02:23 | 2020

    While bringing a mail to Saint Peter in Purgatory, Emil, a young postman, accidentally sends the wrong person to heaven. He goes to find and bring him back and avoid Saint Peter’s wrath.

  • Earlybird
    Daniel Fitzgerald

    United Kingdom | 03:07 | 2021

    Our bird dreams of breakfast, and tries so hard to get it.

  • Pipi & Popi
    Katja Pivk

    Slovenia | 02:52 | 2020

    Pipi and Popi are identical chickens. A small quarrel creates a real catastrophe. Relationships are important, beware that you stay in the good ones.

  • Shleep
    Weng, Zi-Yuan

    Taiwan | 05:10 | 2021

    The storyline describes a boy stayed up all night doing his homework. When he wanted to sleep and yawn, sheep began to appear in his fantasy. And then they happen a lot of interesting interaction between the boy and the fantasy sheep.

  • The Big Top
    Cleo Parker

    United Kingdom | 01:00 | 2020

    Pongolee ‘Pong’ the Pangolin and her assistant Shelley the snail are back on tour with their circus and will present their newest trick that will blow you away.

  • On The Dune
    Noémie Da Cruz, Solenne Boisseau

    France | 06:15 | 2020

    A man lives with his daughter in a house by the sea. The old man, a former fisherman, teaches his daughter the story and the role of the stars, based on the legends that have been passed down to him. Each evening they go on the dune to contemplate the sky and watch the stars dancing. But one day, a strange nebula comes and isolate the old man who then takes off to reach the stars.

  • Me, a Monster?
    Belinda Bonan

    Spain | 06:15 | 2020

    After living a peaceful life on his small planet, the lonely Nono must deal with the visit of a new being, that will make him realize that after all they are not as different as they seem.

  • Slowny
    Oleh Fedchenko

    Ukraine | 10:00 | 2021

    Slowny are not elephants. They are fairy creatures, who live happily on the shores of the Crystal Sea. Slowny wear white stockings, wear hats (even in bed), adore cocoa, know the art and music. Their name means “slow”, because these bizarre personalities are in no hurry. They are some what similar to us, because we are all a bit of the slowny.

  • 210 Good Deeds
    Andrii Scherbak, Manuk Depoian

    Ukraine | 07:41 | 2020

    An adventure series about sister Emmy and brother Kit that must work together to unlock a time machine to travel back in time to rescue their parents from a terrible accident. This time machine was invented by their father and only works with positive energy created by doing good things for others. Their parents disappeared in a mysterious accident and kids are left under the supervision of their charmingly devious UNCLE DESMOND. In the hopes of bringing their parents back, Emmy and Kit will embark on an amazing adventure that will push their friendship to the limit and will make them value and understand each other more than ever.