Program for Children | BLOCK 2 (AGE 7-12)
Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

5.09 | 12:15

Most of the films of this block are about emotions. Emotions trigger mechanisms of behaviour, sometimes bring unwanted consequences, which need to be corrected later. Children will have the opportunity to get closer to the culture of awareness of their emotions and thoughts, express them, and not always act as others want them to.

Running Time 60 min.

  • Earth³
    Antoine Morineau

    France | 04:58 | 2021

    This man has one goal : to prove that the earth is flat. To do so, he embarks today on his homemade rocket. Will he manage to bring out the truth? Or will his mission be a failure, forcing him on a trip further out into space? The secret lies in Earth³.

  • Hubris
    Phoebe Francis- Aylward

    United Kingdom | 03:08 | 2020

    After arguing with her sister, Kara takes her anger out on the environment by throwing and littering her plastic bottle. Her actions awaken the creature Hubris. Kara has to race against time to save her sister from the clutches of the monster and take responsibility for her actions.

  • The Plastic Turtle
    Miguel León, Claudia Osejo

    Colombia | 10:00 | 2020

    A turtle lives peacefully at the bottom of the sea, until an apparatus accident forces him to fight to survive and undergo the physical and environmental changes that human unconsciousness has produced.

  • Elevator Alone
    Anastasia Papadopoulou

    Greece | 03:38 | 2021

    Four people and the time they spend in an elevator. Inspired by everyday life and by the difference in people's behavior when they are alone, in contrast to the socially acceptable behavior that individuals adopt when in public space and especially in the confined and always awkward setting of an elevator.

  • R.I.P
    Anel Truter

    South Africa | 04:01 | 2021

    A child gravedigger (Willow) buries bodies in a dishevelled graveyard. He gets the surprise of his life when a corpse comes back to life and will not return to its grave. Will tries to attack the corpse with her shovel and manages to get him back in the grave, only for the corpse to escape. Will must look for the corpse around the graveyard in a sequence of comedic events to get him back into his grave. Will realizes that the corpse can not rest until he’s buried where he longs to be. Will guides the corpse to the grave of his loved one and the two work together to dig a grave alongside it. The two share a heartfelt goodbye and the corpse can finally be put to rest.

  • Inner-Feeling
    Anna Malinowska

    Poland | 05:28 | 2020

    The peaceful city is haunted by a huge terrifying monster - will the brave heroes appear to protect its inhabitants from danger? Will they manage to find the source of the mysterious stranger's problems? That's it for this episode of the animation Inner Feeling! Animation is suitable for children.

  • Reflection
    Juan Carlos Mostaza

    Spain | 11:00 | 2020

    Clara is a nine-year-old girl with a distorted view of reality. She'll fall into a pit from which she can only make her way up through great effort and assistance from the people close to her.

  • Fur
    Kristína Bajaníková

    Slovakia | 03:45 | 2021

    The family is expecting a baby in inhospitable conditions of cold Antarctica. They send their only son out to the world to supply fur for the newborn. The little Eskimo must face the hunting by himself. He encounters a living seal, whose fur warms eskimos bodies. Will either desire for freedom or the cruelty of local customs awaken in him?

  • Scarlet Dawn
    Lucie Thomasson

    France | 03:49 | 2020

    In a world where everything is blue, a girl with unique hands has the ability to turn anything she touches orange, despised by the villagers, she flees into the forest, followed closely by a gloomy lumberjack.

  • In the Woods
    Ivana Češková

    Czech Republic | 05:00 | 2021

    A little boy is alone in the woods when he gets injured. Luckily he finds the ancient spirit animals who could help him.

  • Memory of the golden locket
    Clara Danjoux

    France | 04:03 | 2020

    Ayla, a young shepherdess, erects a burial for a drowned dead woman, trapped in solitude and oblivion on the depth of a lake. A mysterious white horse will guide her.

  • Who’s on a lead?
    Stepan Koval

    Ukraine | 04:16 | 2020

    A dachshund on a leash pulls his master forward, despite all the barriers that occur on their way. The dachshund thinks that he pulls not his master but something huge and heavy.