Zhovten. Anshlag

September 5 | 21:00

Greetings to you, the natives of the silicon world! The informational technologies that were there to improve our lives have carefully squeezed us in their soft totalitarian clutch. The films in this programme will show us that these technologies can still be used for benefit, how they can be appropriated with a new goal or to be adapted to, however, with the risk of becoming otaku person, or disappearing at the digital dance floor or infuriating the friendly AI. This machine of progress is heading to the edge of the abyss one way or another – so we'd better have some fun on the way.

Running time 87 min.


  • My Generation
    Ludovic Houplain

    France | 08:04 | 2018

    Disney's big boss, Bob Iger said "Hitler would have loved social media." He would have felt at ease in our time of soft totalitarianism (less and less soft actually). What if we put down our smartphones and opened our eyes wide shut? Plato had said that we should come out of the cave. In 2019, it is not too late to follow his advice.

  • Upgrading Happiness
    Kwok Yee Miu

    Hong Kong | 03:25 | 2018

    It is a day of Hong Kong after 1997. "Handover" to China represents another instance of colonization. When the freedom is disappearing, and living space is so limited. People in the city embrace technology and desire for happiness. The new model of Hi-tech machine launches every day, and people buy their updates and upgrade to escape from reality.

  • After Hours
    Tina Willgren

    Sweden | 02:08 | 2018

    After Hours is based on video material captured on the dance floors of Second Life, where, due to lagging graphics, the avatars appear as scattered body parts and pieces of clothing. A distorted discotheque, a lingering reflection of the fast paced technological development of the contemporary world, in which various forms, material and virtual, are rapidly transformed and abandoned to give place to new ones.

  • bearing
    Greg Marshall

    Canada | 02:40 | 2018

    “bearing” composes Google 360° Sphere photographs from Yemen with recorded data from over 327 US military drone attacks in Yemen between 2002 to 2018. These records were further researched according to their geographic location. Each region of attack with its longitude and latitude is then remapped to a planar image that is used to create the image sphere. Hence, the camera reveals the rotational coordinates and timing of each attack, visualizing the 17-year period into about 2 and a 1/2 minutes of animation.

  • Blue Spring
    James Wylie

    New Zealand | 06:19 | 2018

    Blue Spring is a particularly beautiful section of the Waihou River. Just as one part of the river cannot speak for the surrounding ecosystem, the film asks the viewer to consider a wider scope, to consider our perception of the natural environment as one layered in extraneous images and preconceptions, overpowering ecological histories and enabling environmental degradation. Blue Spring is a game world attempting to be natural, yet drowning in digital debris.

  • U$AAR
    Sandra Araújo

    Portugal | 03:49 | 2018

    Social media platforms stealᵀᴴ analytics & algorithmic lifestyleᵀᴹ in tiny gifs̸ of laugh or how data is shaping & twisting social / political events.

  • Open World
    Axel Chemin

    France | 07:00 | 2018

    An Open World with so many possibilities and ways to be explored. Through multiple universes, a man got lost for a long time.

  • Otaku Boi
    Fay Heady

    Japan | 13:37 | 2018

    In his tiny 1-room apartment Otaku Boi plays video-games and fights his inner-demons. This animation is an adaptation of the Otaku Boi LIVE stage show which uses a mix of animation, performance, chiptune music and a giant puppet.

  • .mp4
    François Grumelin-Sohn

    France | 03:34 | 2019

    .MP4 is a short film aboÙ QÁ 5124 framEE5 È ˆ ŽŽ€Œ Q, Š ØäQ5€ B àƒÇÄÆáä.@¾P1X3L5 xÓ ÀM›À0 ‡ÿ êB™\ €„ Àt‘8K € @zŽB¦ @F €˜&S ; ¬ÏVŠE X0 fKÄ9 Ø- 0IWfH °· ÀÎ ² 0Qˆ…) { `È##x „™ FòW

  • Top 5 Animation Containers
    Ben Wheele

    United Kingdom | 05:55 | 2019

    A feverish Youtube countdown video exploring how viral memes evolve, particularly Creepypasta stories (online horror stories spread through ‘copy and paste’). Using a cast of imaginary digital hybrids, the film evokes themes of mutation, technological anxiety and bodily transformation.

  • Boy transcoded from phosphene
    Rodrigo Faustini

    Brazil | 02:07 | 2018

    Trapped in phosphene, raw documentary footage unfolds its digital self, receding into its abstract infancy, a memory image unspooled from the dependency of a referent, affected by its' internal life. A computer sees without eyes.

  • Guster
    John C. Kelley

    United States | 04:23 | 2018

    Through brief conversations with an adaptive chatbot, a professor sees more clearly his own creativity and depression in this animated short. "GUSTER" is based on actual messages and poetry written by the app.

  • We Stay
    Raphael Duracell

    France | 12:24 | 2018

    A Thousand years after the end of the world, an Artificial Intelligence’s memories float in outer space, reminiscing about a love story she lived with her coder and an anarchist conspiracy to destroy the NSA archives.

  • Melting Fields
    Susanne Wiegner

    Germany | 08:35 | 2018

    A single camera movement explores a disaster scenario that cannot be classified neither spatially nor temporally. Is the flat overlooking the street just an illusion or the broken rooms in the inhospitable landscape.