Lectures and Workshops

LINOLEUM LECTORIUM will take place at Kooperativ (Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 23A) in Kyiv. The entrance is free upon a registration (the link will appear August 18th)

  • Artist Talk with Zhenya Oliinyk
    Zhenya Oliinyk

    5.09 | 12:00

    Zhenya Oliinyk creates illustrations for magazines, books, ads and social campaigns. As a cartoonist, she’s mostly interested in mental health, inequality, social fears and prejudice. Her graphic stories are periodically published in ‘Zaborona’ media. Among them: Hello, How Are You Doing? about online friendship, My Pants about everyday inequality, Nice People about dangerous routes for women, On Pylon about getting to love your body.

  • Kill it or leave this town. Case Study
    Jakub Karwowski

    3.09 | 20:00

    Mariusz Wilczynski's debut feature film was initially planned as a short film, but a series of tragic events in the director's personal life caused some adjustments. The author almost simultaneously lost his parents and best friend, musician Tadeusz Nalepa, whom he considered his mentor. The director worked on his film for over ten years and turned his lost loved ones into characters. The film received a Special Jury Award in Annecy and a Grand Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. This movie was also nominated at Berlinale 2020 and won an award at the Polish Film Festival in the "Best Polish Film" category. Jakub Karwowski, the project co-producer, will talk about the details of its creation.

  • Comics about relatable things
    Tetiana Kalytenko, Kateryna Sergatskova, Borys Filonenko

    5.09 | 16:00

    A conversation of Tetiana Kalytenko, Kateryna Sergatskova and Borys Filonenko about the comics of our days. About relatable, touching and fascinating stories that influenced their professional path and personal experience of the present. They will also touch upon the connection between comics and other arts – plastic arts, literature, cinema and animation. Comics are not separated from the modern culture streams, and we will try to delve into them.

  • Art, money, pixelated monkeys, NFT
    Yevhen Shymalskyi

    3.09 | 18:00

    During the lecture, we will discuss digital art and tokenization (NFT, non-fungible tokens first launched in 2017). Nowadays, a part of the art world actively supports crypto art, media regularly cover news about collectors, artists, auctions, and even museums digitize artworks in NTF to sell them. Yet, there is still a community of artists and art dealers who do not accept crypto art. We will try to sort out together how it works, who is to blame and what to do with all that.

  • 60s. The lost treasures
    Sofia Rozumenko, Olena Golubeva

    4.09 | 18:00

    It is a story about incredible women who changed the world around them and were not afraid to oppose the totalitarian system. The project 60s. The lost treasures is about 5 Ukrainian artists, the Sixtiers, "hooligans" in art. They did not want to bow to boring stereotypical images inherent in Soviet art and created their bright path.

  • Nova Poshta – 20 years for you. Case study
    Nazar Zhytkevych, Dmytro Barchyshak, Nana Bulygina

    1.09 | 19:30

    The world is created like everything else – cat after cat, dragon after dragon, frame after frame. Gradually. That’s how the world of Nova Poshta was created. It took only 253 concepts of characters, 5000 messages in the project chats, 400 hours of rendering, and 60 zoom-calls between Kyiv, Lviv and Seattle so that the square cat becomes cute, green dragons turn purple, and 121 clip formats (this number is exact!) get ready – https://bit.ly/3xDSMFD Fedoriv agency and Moonhauzen animation studio teams will share how they created the world of Nova Poshta for the company’s 20th anniversary.

  • Creating music for an animation film. What composer and director should know
    Enrica Sciandrone

    2.09 | 17:00

    In this lecture, composer Enrica Sciandrone will talk about how composer(s) and director(s) can work together effectively: what stage of project development is the best to start working on the soundtrack, and the role of sound designer. Enrica’s lecture will be based on examples from her work and the recent collaboration between Ukrainian animation film director Yuliia Shalimova and British composer Chloe Knibbs in the framework of Envision Sound project by British Council.

  • Artist Talk. Tomek Popakul
    Tomek Popakul

    4.09 | 14:00

    At the creative meeting with Tomek we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of animated and feature films, the meaning of animation education, Polish animation features, his work on Acid Rain, character design and sound solutions in films. In the end we'll analyze trends in 3D animation and reducing production costs with the help of motion capture.

  • Commercial vs Author animation: difference, advantages and teamwork
    Daphna Awadish, Tory Polska, Alice Saey

    2.09 | 18:00

    Directors Daphna Awadish, Tory Polska and Alice Saey will share their experience in animation. Animators will talk about the difference between commercial and author projects. They will reflect on the possibilities of these two industries to exist separately and where their points of intersection are. Can a commissioned project turn into a festival film and vice versa – can an author project bring box office success? What role does a team play in author and commercial animations? The directors and members of the LINOLEUM jury will touch upon all these issues.

  • Neural networks for artists
    Eugene Sannikov

    1.09 | 18:00

    We will study the concepts of artificial intelligence and neural systems and understand how they work. We will learn about the main types of neural networks suitable for artistic experiments and run some of them in real time. We will reflect on the collaborative art of people and machines, new opportunities and successful cases of contemporary artists.

  • Dislocation. VR Experience
    Veljko Popović

    4.09 | 16:00

    The 8-minute VR project (also a short film in the making) created by Veljko Popović and Milivoj Popovic tackles a deep, time-sensitive topic which, through the Mediterranean, affects the whole of Europe. Motion capture was used for both actors (main character and the dancer), but the data was interpreted using 3D computer animation to create a visual that speaks to the state of mind of the protagonists and creates a unique visual experience. Unreal was used to create the experience which is viewed on the HTC VIVE headset. This film takes a look at an absurd moment of disbelief and fear. It examines the internal processes that develop and offers a visual depiction of a person forced into extreme circumstances – a moment of dislocation. We follow the protagonist through the beach in Greece, desert of Texas and forest of Slovenia and journey into his mind where the memories of his lost home slowly decay.

  • Animation education: how to find your way in animation. Projector Online School
    Borys Klimov, Liza Tarasova, Olya Petrenko, Iryna Malamuzh, Oleg Malamuzh.

    5.09 | 10:30

    Curators of animation courses at Projector will tell you about what professions in the animation industry are in demand and what knowledge is needed to start a professional career in an animation studio. Curators will also present a line-up of 12 animation courses.

  • Alternative animation. Animation as part of cross-sectoral creative processes
    Nadiia Kuzmychova

    4.09 | 11:00

    The concept of combining animation with other creative technology areas: why, how and what is the result? We will analyse the cross-sectoral potential of animation together with the TUMO Kyiv Center for Creative Technologies for Teenagers.

  • The Peasants. Case Study
    Olha Zhurzhenko, Sean Bobbitt, Kateryna and Tetiana Ocheredko

    2.09 | 19:30

    Сo-production experience of animation around the globe and participation of Ukraine in it: BreakThru Films studio cases. BreakThru is known for groundbreaking, artistic and commercially successful animation projects. Their first major production, Peter and the Wolf, won the Oscar for best animated short. BreakThru's most recent film, Loving Vincent, is the world’s first fully painted feature film, and was a success both with film festivals and in terms of worldwide box office. This $5.5m film grossed $42m from its theatrical release, making it one of the most successful animations of all time for an adult audience. The film picked up 23 Audience Awards at film festivals, including the coveted Annecy Cristal at the world’s biggest animation festival, and was nominated as best feature animation in the world’s most prestigious award events including The Oscars and the Golden Globes.

  • Mitch McGlocklin: Art and Technology
    Mitch McGlocklin

    4.09 | 12:00

    Artist talk with Mitch McGlocklin, a visual artist that works in live action and animation. His film "Forever", created using LiDAR technology for self-driving cars, was shown at Animafest Zagreb, Sundance and Annecy festivals and is presented at Linoleum's Experimental Animation and Video Art programme. The artist talk is focused on use of LiDAR for film and other non-traditional techniques.

  • In mint: how a comic book about love and a sinkhole was created
    Anton Reznikov, Danil Shtangeev, Borys Filonenko

    5.09 | 14:00

    The comic book In mint will have its first presentation with all its authors. They are Borys Filonenko, Danil Shtangeev and Anton Reznikov. In mint is a comic book about love and a sinkhole that has taken 3 years to be completed. Its main characters, Ivan and Mariya, live by the rules of a measured life. They watch films, drink mint tea and discuss their future plans. Ivan is preparing for his first ski jump while Mariya is working on the concept of exhibition for the temporary urban labeling. Their life turns upside down after Ivan gets lost under the snow blanket.