28 October−1 November 2017 року, Dovzhenko-Centre; ~2000 submitted entries from 80 countries.

Jury Members: Bady Minck, Dmytro Lisenbart, Sashko Danylenko, Olga Navrotska, Dmytro Derkach, Andriy Bashtovyi, Michael Tsarev.

Special Guests: Nadezhda Fedotova, David Rock.

Festival program:

  • National Competition (18 робіт);
  • International Competition (43 робіт);
  • Experimental Animation and Video Art;
  • Special programs from Japan Media Arts Festival;
  • East Europe: Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic;
  • Ukrainian Animation Retrospective;
  • Animation for Children;
  • 10 workshops and lectures.

Award Winners:

Best Film in the National Competition

Eluvium - Regenerative Being

Ukraine | 2017 | Stas Santimov

A lonely man finds himself in a strange hotel where everything is planned in advance for his arrival.

Best Film in the International Competition

Oh Mother!

Poland | 2017 | Paulina Ziółkowska

Mother and son are changing places and roles constantly: once, the mother is an adult, sometimes son matures and takes care of suddenly childish mother. The arrangement works fine, until the boy decides to escape from under the skirt of the overprotective mother and start an independent life.


Special Jury Mention in National Competition (for best animated graphic design)

Zapaska - Zapytaysia

Ukraine | 2017 | Oleh Shcherba

Animated music video for the song Ukrainian group "Zapaska". This story is about life and death, that everyone carries with them throughout life.

Special Jury Mention in National Competition (for originality)


Ukraine | 2017 | Ivan Shokha

Each of us had his childhood fantasies. So let's go back to the days when lava flowed between the furniture, and we were superheroes!

Special Jury Mention in International Competition (for visual humor)

La Table

France | 2016 | Eugene Boitsov

A wood-worker with a perfectionist streak is obsessed by the idea of creating the perfect object.

Special Jury Mention in International Competition (for best storytelling)

Negative Space

France | 2017 | Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata

My dad taught me how to pack.

Special Jury Mention in International Competition (for creating a new world)


France | 2017 | Pierre Ropars, Antonin Derory, Diane Thirault, Jérémie Cottard, Matthieu Druaud, Adrien Zumbihl

Overrun tells the story of an ant who is plunged into a dark and cold place. We follow it’s journey through this seemingly disturbing and dangerous, yet fascinating world and its quest to escape.

Special Jury Mention in International Competition (for narrative)

The Aeronauts

Mexico | 2016 | León Fernández

A tribe survives in the middle of the desert on the meager pickings of a barren landscape. Soo’goh, the weakest member of the clan, seeks to overcome all obstacles and to reach the green pastures of the paradise that they all yearn for.

Specail Prize from festival's partner Wacom in National Competition


Ukraine | 2016 | Oleg Fedchenko

The film through allegory tells a story of the relationship between two ends of one shoelace while they still are not aware of being one thing.

Michael Tsarev Art Projects awarded 100 Fantasies children animation studios with a grant for future development.