15–18 September 2016, Mala Opera at Lukianivska Metro Station; ~1500 submitted entries from 80 countries.

Jury Members: Bastien Dubois, Olena Golubeva, Anatolii Lavrenyshyn, Oleh Mykhailiuta, Oleksii Tarasov, Michael Tsarev.

Special Guests: Daphna Awadish, Henning Thomas, Pedro Harres.

Festival programme:

  • national competition (8 short films);
  • international competition (67 short films);
  • expertimental shorts and video art;
  • Polish animation from O!PLA festival;
  • animation for children;
  • lecture on animated documentaries by Bastien Dubois (part 1, part 2);
  • and more.

Award winners:

Best Film in the National Competition

Professionals: The Cook

Ukraine | 2015 | Stepan Koval

In each series two friends Danylko and Bogdan studying with interest the profession. Every time it seems that the profession is easy to master, but is much more complicated.

Best Film in the International Competition

Once Upon 3 Times

France | 2016 | Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Court Anglais: While they are drawing, a group of children discuss the crucial point of the creation of the first human. From where does he come from? Battle and bloody explanations.

Special Jury Prize in National Competition

Big Man

Ukraine | 2016 | Tetiana Kabaeva

Animated story about a big man with a big heart.

Special Jury Mention in National Competition (For emotional impressions)

The End

Ukraine | 2016 | Mykyta Lys'kov

Short stories about the end of the world. 

Special Jury Mention in International Competition (For humorous presentation of a serious topic)


Switzerland | 2015 | Marcel Barelli

The story of the first nuclear power plant 100% made in Switzerland… but also the last.

Special Jury Mention in National Competition (For applying various creative techniques in a film)

Bike Portraits

Ukraine | 2016 | Sashko Danylenko

You can tell a lot about a city by looking at its bicycles. I am cycling from small provincial towns to megalopolis and exploring local culture. What city I'm going next? Subscribe and stay tuned! See you on the road!

Special Jury Mention in International Competition (For professional maturity in a student film)

Resistance Zucchinis

France | 2016 | Mélissa Idri, Benoit Lecailtel, Ivana Ngamou, Côme Balguerie

Hiding in the mountains, a man feeds the resistance during the Algerian war. 

Thanks and financial support for development and future achievements in animation industry from the founder of the festival Michael Tsarev go to Orlyk Animation Studio