September 6-9 2018, IZONE; ~2500 films from 85 countries.

Jury members: Ülo Pikkov, Mauro Carraro, Andrew AJ, Sashko Danylenko, Yuri Motrych, Denys Keleberdenko.

Special guests: Irida Zhonga, Anastasia Dimitra, Natasha Cetner, Gustaf Holtenäs, Patrick Gregg, Alexander Isert, Rianne Stremmelaar, Zurab Diasamidze, Juhász Levente.

Festival program:

  • Ukrainian competition (14 films);
  • International competition (49 films);
  • Commissioned films competition (21 films);
  • Experimental animation and video art;
  • Out-of-competition programs Scary Tales, Ladies First, Erotique est Magnifique;
  • Eastern Europe: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia;
  • Programs of contemporary Greek and Polish animation;
  • Ukrainian 80-90s horrors;
  • VR animation;
  • Animation for children;
  • 20 lectures and workshops.


Best Ukrainian Film


Ukraine | 2018 | Andriy Naumenko

A story about dreams and what happens when they come true.

Best International Film


Croatia | 2018 | Veljko Popovic

The cycling season is nearing its grand finale. During the final race, the two men in the lead are competing for more than the Grand Trophy; they are fighting for the affection of a lady and fulfilment of their erotic fantasies. Meanwhile, the small port town prepares for the arrival of a large ocean liner and its dashing captain.

Best Commissioned Film

Big Buddy Blue 

Switzerland | 2017 | Frederic Siegel, Beni Morard

This is the epic story about a trucker and his motorized best friend, living their dreamy lives on the open road. After a fateful incident, both of them are left behind with a broken heart, waiting for a reunion...

Special Jury Mention in the Ukrainian Competition (for unbreakable style)

DakhaBrakha - Monk

Ukraine | 2018 | Sashko Danylenko

To whom does a monk raise a glass? To whom does he read his prayers? When the sun sits down the river, everything becomes gray and it's more difficult to distinguish between white and black and the borderline between them. The monk crosses this line in search of the answer.

Special Jury Mention in the Ukrainian Competition (for creative gags and humour)


Ukraine | 2017 | Stepan Koval, Oleksandr Kolodii

What about the labyrinth, except that it is a labyrinth?

Special Jury Mention in the Ukrainian Competition (for building up a new way of visual storytelling)


Ukraine | 2018 | Freud M. Weiser

An ingenious, and therefore a long and boring film about a bird that really really wanted to eat a worm, and about a worm that really really did not want it...

Special Jury Mention in the International Competition (for breaking the rules of perspective)

The Northeast Kingdom

USA | 2017 | Alan Jennings

A small tight knit New England community is shaken by the arrival of a newcomer. Meanwhile, a mystical creature quietly affects the lives of the locals.

Special Jury Mention in the International Competition (for best errors and experiments)


Germany | 2018 | Nikita Diakur

Footage from a block party.

Special Jury Mention in the International Competition (for fresh and original look on a seriuos topic)


Sweden | 2017 | Gustaf Holtenäs

Swedish singer/songwriter Jenny Wilson doesn't pull any punches on new album Exorcism, detailing her first-hand experience of a harrowing sexual assault and its aftermath.

Special Jury Mention in the Commissioned Films Competition (for best promo video)

Mumbai Buzz

India | 2018 | Suresh Eriyat

Mumbai has a buzz quite unlike other cities. The active spirit of Mumbaikars have resulted in its tallest skyscrapers and its deepest cultural roots. In the film, the indefatigable crowds channel this energy which runs like electricity throughout the city giving life to all the inanimate. MIFF more than any other festivals from Mumbai, concentrates on the texture of film making. Unfettered by glamour, the festival aims to curate documentaries, animations and stories that initiates discourse ranging from current issues to the filmmaker's craft. The signature film aesthetically tries to capture this gist.

Special Jury Mention in the Commissioned Films Competition (for best social video)


UK | 2017 Reuben McNaughton

A young woman must free herself from a dire situation.

Special Jury Mention in the Commissioned Films Competition (for best music video)

«F I N K E L: W / O»

Finland | 2018 Sanni Lahtinen

A subway train through the confused mind of someone who just can't let go.

Special Jury Mention in the Commissioned Films Competition (for best educational video)


UK | 2017 | Layla Atkinson

The Imaginary Friends Society campaign was created by RPA for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. In this film we meet two imaginary friends- Walter, a suave super-spy and Gus, a genial pig. Our animated buddies take the viewers on a crazy trip to explain what to expect from radiation therapy.

Special Jury Mention in the Commissioned Films Competition (for hyperrealism)

Absolut Volga

India | 2017 | Jaimeen Desai

Take a bunch of madcap animators on a boat, drown them in enough in high spirits and out comes their hedonism. But more than any spirit, it is the spirit of the river, in whose cradle KROK celebrates its annual wildness, that inspires them. Volga, the ultimate muse, sways them to their glorious madness.

Specail Prize from festival's partner Wacom in Ukrainian Competition


Ukraine | 2018 | Freud M. Weiser

If you can...

Ukraine, Poland | 2017 | Hanna Rybak

Michael Tsarev Art Projects awarded Ridni Animation children animation studios with a grant for future development.