Jury Members
  • Bady Minck
    Bady Minck

    Born in Luxembourg, she works as an artist, filmmaker and producer in Luxembourg and Vienna. Her films have been invited to more than 500 film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin and Sundance. They have received numerous awards and have been shown in more than 40 retrospectives on 4 continents. Her artist work has been presented at Biennale Venezia, Moscow Biennale, Centre Pompidou Paris and Lincoln Center New York. She was a member of many juries, including Orizzonti jury at Venice Film Festival.


    MappaMundi | World Premiere at IFF Sundance 2017

    Schein Sein/Seems To Be | World Premiere at IFF Berlinale 2008

    Das Sein und das Nichts/Being and Nothingness | World Premiere at Biennale di Venezia 2007

    Free Radicals | World Premiere at Biennale di Venezia 2007

    La Belle est la Bête/The Beauty is the Beast | World Premiere at IFF Rotterdam 2005

    Im Anfang war der Blick/In the Beginning was the Eye | World Premiere at IFF Cannes 2003

    Elektroansprache /Electro-Speech | World Premiere at Kunsthalle Wien 2000

    Seeen Sehen! /Look the Lakes! | World Premiere at World Expo Lisboa 1998

    Mécanomagie | World Premiere at IFF Rotterdam 1996

    Der Mensch mit den modernen Nerven/The Man with Modern Nerves | World Premiere at Berlinale and Cannes 1989

  • Dmytro Lisenbart
    Dmytro Lisenbart

    Dmytro received his degree in directing animation from Karpenko-Karyi National University of Theatre and Cinema (1993–1998). During his studies he worked as an animator at Klasyka studio in Moscow, Russia. He then worked as a lead CG animation artist at many Ukrainian TV channels. He used to work in 'mental dRive studio', the first Ukrainian post-production studio, as the head animator.

    Finally, in 2006 he founded his own studio, Lisenbart Animation, where over 500 animated advertising videos for Ukraine, Russia, Europe and North America have been created. At the same time, they were making animation for feature films and music videos.

    One of Lisenbart's most important works is Steliatsia Tumany (Drifting Fogs), a music video for a song of the same name by Yurkesh, which was selected to ANIFEST 2010 in Czech Republic, an important international animation festival, and Departure music video La robe rouge by Void ft. Svet (Alexandr Murenko), which was shown for the first time at FUTURE SHORTS festival.

  • Sashko Danylenko
    Sashko Danylenko

    Sashko Danylenko is an independent Ukrainian filmmaker and animator from Kharkiv region. He directed many animated music videos, including those for DakhaBrakha, TNMK, Kwoon, and others. Sashko combines folk and contemporary styles, nature and digital in his works. He creates magical worlds with colourful characters and extraordinary allegories. Currently based in New York, Sashko teaches animation and works on animadoc projects for TED, The School of Life, Ukrainian Institute of America, etc. Many films by Sashko Danylenko went viral on the web; a lot of them were part of international film festivals.

  • Olha Navrotska
    Olha Navrotska

    Famous Ukrainian designer, stylist, director, photographer and costume designer for an animated film Mavka. The Forest song. Since 1999 Olga has created images and costumes for more than 200 music videos for Ukrainian and foreign performers, famous glossy magazines (ELLE, FHM, VIVA! etc.) and popular TV show Dancing with the stars.

    In 2005 Olga opened her own studio of designer clothes, and in 2007 she registered the trade mark NAVRO.  In May 2011 Olga presented her first collection of trademark NAVRO, and in 2012 she started shooting photosets as photographer and music videos as director. On her list are short film Inspector, videos for NAVRO and 20 music videos.

  • Dmytro Derkach
    Dmytro Derkach

    Dmytro Derkach started his career path as a lawyer, having made it to an internship at Ernst and Young while still in the fourth year of the university. Then, for seven years he has been working for DLA Piper, a company which owns the most offices in the world. It wouldn't let him leave the post of a senior lawyer easily, because there Dmytro dealt with major projects, mostly in M&A, PPP, and infrastructure.

    However, in 2012 life brought Dmytro to the cinema. Not for an audition—it was management and a 50% share in Planeta Kino cinema chain which at the time only had three cinemas.

    Dmytro is presently involved with marketing, service, and team management.

  • Andrii Bashtovyi
    Andrii Bashtovyi

    Editor in Chief of The Village Ukraine. Co-founder of hromadske.ua, ex-journalist and presenter at Radio Svoboda.

  • Michael Tsarev
    Michael Tsarev

    Michael Tsarev is an inspirer and founder of the festival, he also collects contemporary art.