Jury Members
  • Veljko Popović
    Veljko Popović
    International Competition

    Veljko Popović graduated at the Art Academy in Zagreb in 2004. In 2005. he co-founded Lemonade3d studio specialized in 2d/3d computer graphics, which was re-branded as Prime Render Studio in 2019. He has screened his films in all the major film festivals around the world and has been a member of numerous film festival juries. His films won over 70 international awards including those in Annecy, Hiroshima, Animafest Zagreb, Ottawa etc. In 2010 he became a tenured professor at the Art Academy in Split.

  • Fabian Driehorst
    Fabian Driehorst
    International Competition

    Fabian Driehorst co-founded the studio Fabian&Fred and is a producer of animation and hybrid films. He participated in training initiatives such as Berlinale Talents, AniDox and ACE Producers. His films were widely distributed and selected in festivals like Annecy, Berlinale, Hiroshima, Locarno, Ottawa, Toronto. He is a board member of AG Animationsfilm, a member of ASIFA and of the Film Producer’s Association in Germany.

  • Tomek Popakul
    Tomek Popakul
    International Competition

    Animation director, musician , graphic designer, music video creator. Graduated Lodz Film School on direction animation and special effects. Paralelly studied there scriptwiritng for 1 year. His graduation movie "Ziegenort" was shown on many international festivals and gained many awards incl. main award fro animated movie on New Horizons festival in Wrocław, award for best animation on Cracow Film Festival, Grand Prix in Oberhausen, and award for best animation on Brooklyn film festival. He was on of 3 chosen participants for Animationa Artist in Residence Tokyo orgnised by Japan Image Council (JAPIC) where he created movie "Black". His movies were two times selected for festivals in Rotterdam and Sundance Film Festival. Movie "Acid Rain" so far gained 35 awards, was shown in around 90 festivals, got prestigeous nomiation for Annie Awards, was on long Oscar list. Popakul has on his account also video work "My Little Angel" shown in philharmony in Szczecin, video "Bushes in which our anvestors lived" made during art project in Belarus, and short animation "Dżennet" commissioned by Museum of Emigration in Gdynia. Created short hybrid animation "Moon" for HBO pandemic anthology "At Home"

  • Daphna Awadish
    Daphna Awadish
    Commissioned Films Competition

    Daphna Awadish is an Israeli filmmaker and illustrator living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She specialized in creating animated documentaries and works as an independent illustrator and animator. Her last two short films ‘Journey Birds’ and ‘Bear with Me’ were screened at several international festivals and won a number of awards such as the Best Animation Award- Jerusalem Film Festival and the Fantastic Award in Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film.

  • Alice Saey
    Alice Saey
    Commissioned Films Competition

    Alice Saey is a Parisian-born, Rotterdam-adopted visual artist. Her work focuses on poetic and graphic forms on narration, in the field on design and film. After graduating from a graphic design master at HEAR in Strasbourg (2014), she took on a job as a book cover designer while secretly animating naked ladies, dancing geese and singing volcanos. Her music videos She’s Young (Shaking Godspeed, 2015), Happy (Mark Lotterman, 2017) and Careful (Jo Goes Hunting, 2020) travelled the world and were awarded at festivals such as Annecy (FR), Ottawa (CA), Klik! (NL), Linoleum (UKR). Her next short film Flatastic (Miyu Productions/Keplerfilm, written by Léa Perret) is an apocalyptic comedy involving manta rays and flat human beings.

  • Nazar Zhytkevych
    Nazar Zhytkevych
    Commissioned Films Competition

    Nazar currently works as a project manager at Fedoriv agency. He has ten years of prior experience as a creative producer and screenwriter of animation and video projects. Throughout his career, Nazar collaborated with big and small brands, and could feel the value and uniqueness of each of them. Nazar believes that animation has long gone beyond the genre of visual art and should rather be seen as a means of communication in various fields of our lives.


  • Kyrylo Marikutsa
    Kyrylo Marikutsa
    Ukrainian Competition

    Co-founder and director of Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF) -  the largest annual short film event in Ukraine. Since 2015, Kyrylo has also been working on the KyivMusicFilm project. This distribution company focuses on the organization of thematic festivals and theatrical distribution of documentaries about music and culture. KyivMusicFilm is also a leading company in Ukraine when it comes to events in the film industry. Thanks to the company, Ukrainian audiences got regular access to theatre and opera live performances, ballet, music concerts, classic films and other unconventional film content on big screens. KyivMusicFilm holds several film festivals: Film Festival about Music and Culture INTRO, 100 films in 100 minutes, Film festival about animals Tales of Tails and other irregular events.


  • Tory Polska
    Tory Polska
    Ukrainian Competition

    Tory Polska is a designer of animation films. Her main specialization is environment design and research. Tory has been active in the industry for eight years. Now she’s working on the development of visual language for a cartoon in Netflix studio.


  • Stas Santimov
    Stas Santimov
    Ukrainian Competition

    Stas was born in Dnipro and got a secondary special education as an architect. He tried to complete higher education twice and twice dropped his studies. Stas worked as a designer and illustrator in advertising agencies. He shifted to animation through GameDev. He created gif-illustrations, a series of animated web-comic "Motion Stories", music videos for DK and Eluvium, VR animation. He is also the author of one episode of the "The Preschool Poets: An Animated Film Series" project. "The Surrogate" can be considered as his first author non-experimental film. Now Stas is a freelancer, collaborating with digital agencies remotely. He works mainly on gif animation.