Kids and Teens | Animation created by kids and teens

07.10 | 14:00


This is a program of thoughtful films through which young directors of short animated films will talk to you about what they consider important to them. The selection is sure to raise some philosophical questions for you as well.

Running time 60 min.

  • Carrot
    Collective 12 children

    Belgium | 02:55 | 2022

    Achilles the Rabbit is the mayor of Carrotcity, a city where everything is a carrot!

  • Cloudream
    Lim Jayun, Nah Yunseo, Kim Ha yeon, Hwang Yein

    South Korea | 08:05 | 2023

    The mysterious world on the clouds where cloud sculptors live. One day, a plane crashes into the elaborate cloud sculptures. The sculptor, who is upset and angry about that the ruined works, screams loudly at the pilot, and enters the studio.

  • Visual Constructs
    Abel Garcia Jimenez

    Mexico | 03:33 | 2022

    In 2019, inspired by the architectonical current called ‘brutalism’, I painted 30 medium format oil artworks. Since its beginning I thought about the idea to take raw format photos with my semiprofessional camera, in order to process them afterwards on photoshop and upload them to produce a shortcut. Such idea is the result of this experimental video.

  • Friendship between beings
    Jakov Bujan, Mihaela Mija Burulic, Marta Garić, Matija Ivanović, Lea Kraševac, Jana Kubaček, Vili Petrović, Mia Puc, Lana Sabo, Paula Špoljarić

    Croatia | 06:02 | 2022

    A loose adaptation of Shel Silversteins book "The Giving Tree," this film is about a relationship between a boy and his apple tree.

  • Sobbing Wind
    Shin Zia, Lee Eunseo, Kang Minha

    South Korea | 07:30 | 2023

    A small space surrounded by forest trees. There is a village of chipmunks. Dan, the main character of the sports day held in the early summer of every year, is the general secretary. The days when Dan was tired of the continuous vigil, but worked hard to the end by drinking acorn coffee are now passing, and the sports day is approaching! But suddenly, Dan heard from Rambo that a tractor was coming toward the village.

  • Bob the Little Elephant
    Collective 14 children

    Belgium | 02:01 | 2022

    Bob the elephant wonders why he is so small and why nature has given him such a long trunk…

  • Knitted Heart
    Yoon Hyewon, Yu Garam, Kim Jina, Jang Hyowon

    South Korea | 10:05 | 2023

    A mysterious monster living in an ice cave in the mountain, comes down the mountain to avoid the cold, and encounters three children fishing. As the children follow the scarves that they spilled while running away, they find a village. You meet a girl who welcomes you in the village...

  • Express Delivery
    Louise-Marie Colon, Simon Medard

    Belgium | 05:36 | 2022

    Box and Package are two parcels. Bought by Mr. Yeti, they meet in a delivery truck of Mamazone. It’s love at first sight…


  • The Butterfly
    Zhenxing Zhang

    China | 07:05 | 2023

    A human, who was yearning to fly freely, met a butterfly, who was trapped in the frame, and a lot of amazing things happened thereafter. The butterfly yearned for a free human life, while the human wanted to acquire the flying ability of the butterfly and explore more capacious space.

  • Water Lullaby
    Piotr Kaźmierczak

    Poland | 03:39 | 2022

    Stop motion, animated with sand, official video clip to "Water Lullaby" song from the "Waterduction" album by a famous Polish folk music band "Warsaw Village Band". The production of the film took 6 months.

  • Come On, Let's Live
    Collective 30 teenagers

    Belgium | 03:52 | 2022

    Free illustration of an extract from a chronicle by Félix Radu. An invitation to travel far away, to do what you really want and, above all, to enjoy life.

  • The Dangerous Mission
    Mark Ivanchenko

    Ukraine | 04:50 | 2023

    A cosmic story about a scientist and his unusual pet, who must solve the mystery of the disappearance of the inhabitants of an extraterrestrial colony