Submissions to the jubilee edition of the LINOLEUM festival are now open

6 February 2023
Submissions to the jubilee edition of the LINOLEUM festival are now open

In 2023, LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival is turning ten years old. Throughout this time, the festival screened about 2,500 short animation films from over 60 countries and held dozens of master classes and lectures. Every year, LINOLEUM presents the best and most exciting pieces of the contemporary animation industry and promotes Ukrainian animation abroad.

Since the full-scale invasion started, it has been difficult to plan anything. However, the LINOLEUM team will do their best to hold an event in Kyiv from September 6 to 10 and tour Ukrainian cities.

For a very long time, the world had not been noticing us. The “Ukraine” as a geotag was practically invisible on the Europeans’ mental map while remaining unacceptable to the enemy neighbour. Others wrote our history at our place, our memory was erased, and we were told who we were supposed to be. Now, the entire world hears and sees us. While telling the story of our struggle in different languages, we finally returned to ourselves. Who are we? What are our values? What are we capable of?

From now on, we are building our own identity. We are creating the mythology of nowadays, writing the country’s history, passing on stories by word of mouth, sharing memes and talking about everything that is Ukrainian.

ONCE UPON A TIME... is the theme of the jubilee edition of the LINOLEUM 2023.

Authors can submit their works to the International Competition or the Commissioned Films Competition. Films made in any animation technique, including works combining animation with acting and documentaries, are eligible. The animated part should be at least 40% of the film and not exceed the running time of 30 minutes. The films must be created after January 1, 2022. The Ukrainian premiere of the film is not mandatory for the national movies to be watched by as many viewers as possible.

In addition to the International and Commissioned Films Competitions, the programme of the 10th LINOLEUM Festival will include Ukrainian competition, experimental films and video art, animation for and by kids, thematic blocks, Ukrainian animation retrospective, screenings of selections from international festivals, lectures and master classes.  

 Films are accepted exclusively through the filmfreeway festival platform.

 The call is open till May 14th.

 The festival regulations are available following think link