LINOLEUM 2024 Is Accepting Entries For Its 11th Edition

15 January 2024
LINOLEUM 2024 Is Accepting Entries For Its 11th Edition

In 2024, the LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival will be held offline on September 4–8 at UNIT.City in Kyiv.

PLAYGROUNDS is the theme of the 11th edition, and we are starting to accept films for the competition programs.

They develop you in childhood. They train your concentration and teach you to think a few steps ahead in your teenage years. They can serve as a source of entertainment or a tool for manipulation for adults.

Psychiatrist Eric Berne stated that "we all play games all the time, though we don't always realise it." The only shame is that you can't restore your 'life' in our reality.

In the real world, politicians compete with one another to protect their own "playground." The board game that used to capture everyone's attention, unfortunately, does not distract from the sounds of shelling in the shelter. And while video games remain a way of escapism for some, others use their gaming experience to control combat drones.

Authors can submit their works to the International Competition or the Commissioned Films Competition. Films made in any animation technique, including works combining animation with acting and documentaries, are eligible. The animated part should be at least 40% of the film and not exceed the running time of 30 minutes. The films must be created after January 1, 2023. 

In addition to the International and Commissioned Film Competitions, the program of the 11th LINOLEUM Festival will consist of Ukrainian competition and retrospective, experimental films and video art, animation for and by kids, Animation Critics Day, lectures, and master classes, as well as a strong focus on the Ukrainian gaming industry.

Films are accepted exclusively through the filmfreeway festival platform.

The call is open till May 1st.

The festival regulations are available at the following link: