In 2018 LINOLEUM will take place September 6-9

29 December 2017
In 2018 LINOLEUM will take place September 6-9

We are glad to announce that in 2018 LINOLEUM will be held at IZONE creative space on September 6-9. IZONE involves society in creative process, nurturing a community of talented individuals working in the cross-disciplinary field who are eager to elaborate their ideas and bring them to life.

We’ll start accepting entries March 11th via and there is no entry fee.

Regulations will be updated by this date, so you can explore possibilities for your film. Apart from international competition that comprises world’s best auteur films, we are launching a new competition category - commissioned films. This is an international competition for commercials, music videos, educational films, etc. and we’re sure it’ll make the program of our festival more diverse.

Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!