LINOLEUM will present Ukrainian animation at CINANIMA in Portugal

12 November 2018
LINOLEUM will present Ukrainian animation at CINANIMA in Portugal

Today Portuguese animation festival CINANIMA kicked off in Espinho. Tomorrow, November 13th, Anastasiya Verlinskaya, program director of LINOLEUM, will present a selection of contemporary Ukrainian animation.

These are eight films in different styles created over the last five years by talented directors: Sashko Danylenko, Dmytro Lisenbart, Nikita Liskov, Anatoliy Lavrenishin, Chervonyy Sobaka Animation Studio, Stas SantimovOleg Shcherba and Olga Makarchuk. We’ve already presented this program at TAF Festival in October and got a fantastic feedback!

During CINANIMA there will also be a special screening of The Stolen Princess by Animagrad within International Grand Panorama program scheduled for November 18th. The screening will be presented by the director Oleh Malamuzh.

And the most exciting news! Prychynna: The Story of Love by Andrii Shcherbak takes part in the International Competition, so we keep our fingers crossed.

To many professionals, the opportunity to present a film at CINANIMA represents one of few opportunities to show the public the result of their work and effort, in addition to the privileges to which the winners are entitled. All the winners of the festival are placed automatically on a list of films, from which the nominees for the “Golden Cartoon”, organized by CARTOON – European Association of Animated Film – will be selected. Furthermore, CINANIMA’s Grand Prize winner is placed on the shortlist for the Oscar© for the Best Animation Short nominations, as the Festival is one of the events recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Our Screening Program at CINANIMA.