Entries are now open for the LINOLEUM 2022 competition sections

20 February 2022
Entries are now open for the LINOLEUM 2022 competition sections

The 9th edition of the LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival will be held in Kyiv from September 7 to 11. The festival aims to promote international animation in Ukraine and create a platform for exchanging experience among industry professionals. The call for competition films is open from February 20. 

Directors can submit their works to the International Competition or the Commissioned Films Competition (music videos, educational films, promos). Films made in any animation technique, including works combining animation with acting and documentaries, are eligible. The animated part should be at least 40% of the film and not exceed the running time of 30 minutes. The films must be created after January 1, 2021. The Ukrainian premiere of the film is not mandatory for the national movies to be watched by as many viewers as possible. This year, the festival also accepts animated films created by children and teenagers from Ukraine and abroad.

In addition to the International and Commissioned Films Competitions, the programme of the 9th LINOLEUM Festival will include Ukrainian competition, experimental films and video art, VR, animation for children, thematic blocks, Ukrainian animation retrospective, screenings of selections from international festivals and educational programme.  

This year's festival theme is SYSTEMA NATURAE ("System nature" in Latin). Bacteria eat plastic, mushrooms change the stock market, scientists don't quite know how stem cells of frogs replicate. Free and uncontrollable, they are so tiny that they almost become intangible. They are the ecosystem guerrillas, rebels of the planet, irreversible biosoldiers. As we challenge them, they choose us to be their cosy homes. While we declare war on them, they continue their natural selection. Viruses take us back to the starting point and push us forward – to evolution. Through the fear and risk of death - towards the chance of rebirth. Towards understanding that you are a part of all natures. A home for microorganisms, a spark of God, a set of indicators, a bunch of love, an object of observation and an undisputed harbinger of the future.

 Films are accepted exclusively through the filmfreeway festival platform. You should register on the platform or use an existing account to submit your film.

 The call is open till May 21.

 The festival regulations are available here

The festival is organised by Animagrad animation studio.