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About physicality and sexuality. About growing up and ageing. About everyday life and fatality. About men and not about men. About love - for yourself, friends, nature and the world. About this and about that. About all. About nothing. So what do women think about? Fourteen original animations made by women about women will try to answer this question.

Running time 85 min.

  • Roots
    Maddalena Brozzi, Sara Moschini, Laura Cagnoni

    Italy | 07:31 | 2022

    Gone. Poisoned word. It creeps frozen under the skin. I see your smile again, your peonies. How can be true?

  • Mom, what’s up with the dog?
    Lola Lefevre

    France | 07:10 | 2021

    Gwen is a young girl who just turned 11. As she discovers her sexuality, she catches her dog laughing.

  • Amazing day at home
    Elina Pupina

    Ukraine | 02:00 | 2021

    Animation short film about doing pleasant things, surrounding yourself with good energy and beautiful things that leads to the balance of self-acceptance - an integral part of our modern world. 

  • Sauna
    Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren

    Switzerland | 04:19 | 2021

    Ava enters the Sauna for the first time. She is overwhelmed by the nudity, her thoughts, and the physical sensations. The other guests go about their routines. With the rising heat Ava starts to relax. Finally, she melts away and dissolves into complete ecstasy.

  • The Debutante
    Elizabeth Hobbs

    United Kingdom | 08:07 | 2022

    A spirited young woman persuades a hyena from London Zoo to take her place at a dinner dance held in her honour. Their plan requires a surprising amount of artistry and violence. Based on a story by artist Leonora Carrington, Elizabeth Hobbs celebrates her startling tale with paint and collage.

  • Girl in the Water
    Shi-Rou Huang

    Taiwan | 07:20 | 2021

    Contemplation of torn walls and scars reminds the heroine of the ups and downs of love. The film depicts femininity and female internal time-consciousness through the convalescence of a woman's broken heart, which is based on my personal experiences.

  • Hotel Kalura
    Sophie Koko Gate

    United Kingdom | 04:51 | 2021

    A woman walks into a hotel bar on the romantic island of Sicily, waiting to be lit.

  • If people were oviparous
    Anna Smekalova

    Czech Republic | 04:46 | 2021

    This short film is a critique of 21st century society, in which there is still a lot of prejudice and intolerance towards people of other sexes, opinions, gender, etc. The question is, how is it that Oviparous were able to solve all the problems of society only because of such a thing as the birth of eggs instead of live chicks? Isn't that a little nonsense? After all, people do not need to go back in development to become more tolerant and receptive to their surroundings.

    Bea Hoeller

    Germany | 02:46 | 2021

    Klimax explores the topic of female masturbation in order to redefine the already negatively connoted image of the female sex and thus strives to create new aesthetic associations of femininity. Our main protagonist, Barbie, undergoes a process of transformation. Like Alice in Wonderland, she is immersed in a magical world, a place of allure and delight. It is a fantastic place that leads her to change little by little to free herself from her stiffness and oppression. Klimax is meant to show how unique and beautiful every woman's body is.

  • I'm Late
    Sawako Kabuki

    France | 07:10 | 2021

    If your girlfriend would tell you my period hasn’t come yet, or if your period hasn’t come after the affairs with your boyfriend, how would you feel and how would you behave?

  • Colony
    Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma

    United States | 13:22 | 2022

    Colony is an animated film exploring childbirth and pregnancy through the lens of lineage, fear, loss of self, and the ascension to motherhood. A woman scientist’s entomological work creeps into her psyche as her pregnancy progresses and she becomes more hostile towards her partner. As she increasingly becomes obsessed with the ant queen of her research colony, the lines between the ant and human experience blur.

  • Amazon Woman
    Ana Vasof

    Austria | 04:10 | 2021

    A film about the everyday adventures of an amazon woman.


  • Chamoe
    Coleen Baik

    United States | 02:34 | 2022

    An old woman goes on a mysterious journey to fulfill the cravings of her pregnant granddaughter. A true story.

  • Silvering
    Eilidh Nicoll

    United Kingdom | 05:57 | 2021

    Upon discovering a grey hair, a woman becomes entangled in insecurity and fear of the future. The sanctuary of the bathroom takes a turn for the sinister as she spirals into a panic – and the hair becomes her tormentor.