Ladies First is a traditional non-competition program. In this block, we have selected films made by women for women. The female directors are honest and bold enough to bring up the issues that are rarely raised in society because they seem too embarrassing or sound too provocative at first glance. In many films of this selection, the authors manifest themselves and their presence in society through their bodies, corporeality, sexuality. They also touch upon the importance of self-acceptance.

Running time 73 min.

  • All Her Dying Lovers
    Anna Benner, Eluned Zoe Aiano

    Germany | 05:30 | 2020

    ALL HER DYING LOVERS is based on a tale that started out as a rumour from WWII Czechoslovakia and ended up in the international tabloids in 2014. The story in question involves a nurse, Nazis, seduction and syphilis, but no one can agree on what really happened.

  • Anna, cat-and-mouse
    Varya Yakovleva

    Russia | 05:26 | 2020

    A man is spying on Anna, he breaks into her house, destroys everything that surrounds Anna, trying to take possession of her.

  • Gravedad
    Matisse Gonzalez

    Germany | 10:30 | 2019

    Some days are light and some days are heavy.
    In a world where gravity changes constantly, you have to find something to keep you grounded.

  • In Her Boots
    Kathrin Steinbacher

    Austria | 06:03 | 2019

    Hedi is experiencing strange things. While her granddaughter is visiting, she suddenly embarks on a hiking journey, to the deepest parts of the Alps, revealing the reason for her devoted attachment to her hiking shoes. A story about Heidi's attempt to retain her identity and autonomy.

  • Inside me
    Maria Trigo Teixeira

    Germany | 05:00 | 2019

    A clear decision surrounded by mixed feelings. A young woman recounts her experience with abortion.

  • Portrait of a woman
    Natalia Durszewicz

    Poland | 04:50 | 2020

    „She must be a variety. Change so that nothing will change” - illustrated in the words of a poem by Wisława Szymborska, the film is about an unconscious, enslaved and humble woman. For cultural and moral reasons, she exists as an incomplete form of herself, as a person who could not discover the potential of her femininity.

  • Transhumance
    Mona Schnerb

    Belgium | 05:29 | 2019

    Under the pressure of her husband, Anna, aged fifty, doesn't recognize herself anymore. Her body, emotions and dreams have shrunk. A car accident allows her to catch a glimpse of a life-changing escape.

  • Shall we talk?
    Katya Mikheeva

    Russia | 05:00 | 2020

    Polina is a bisexual Russian girl. This is an animated documentary about her coming out to her family.

  • The Gift
    Laura-Beth Cowley

    United Kingdom | 03:08 | 2019

    A short animated film about one woman's journey through menstruation to discover her inner power.

  • Esperança
    Cécile Rousset, Jeanne Paturle, Benjamin Serero

    France | 05:26 | 2019

    Esperança, 15, has just arrived in France from Angola with her mother. At Amiens station, they don't know where to sleep and look for someone who can help them.

  • Aurora
    Ingrid Pucci

    Estonia | 02:08 | 2019

    A brief encounter with a golden snake leads to an explosive beginning.

  • Tiger and Ox
    Seunghee Kim

    South Korea | 08:18 | 2019

    What does divorce mean to women in Korean patriarchal society? Is a fatherless family a failure? In order to find the answer to these questions, a single mother and her daughter start a conversation.

  • Six to Six
    Neta Cohen

    Israel | 07:02 | 2019

    During the lengthy sleepless nights, the familiar home surroundings of a new mother take on a dark, eerie appearance.