Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

05.09 | 20:00

Traditional non-competition block Ladies First: animation about women by women. These are incredibly frank, touching, funny and sometimes ironic stories about the experience of being a woman in different historical times and under various living conditions, secret dreams, unexpected challenges and real victories. The secret world that female animators from 11 countries dared (or vice versa haven’t managed to) show.

Running time 70 min.

  • The Girl Who Stood Still
    Joana Toste

    Portugal | 09:03 | 2021

    A child is lost from her mother and refuses to move from the same place. A policeman stops everyone else to make her move. The still girl and the policeman that guards her stop traffic and stir up the city’s hearts.

  • My Mother's Pain
    Juliana Erazo

    Netherlands, Colombia | 06:07 | 2020

    Animated documentary about 3 generations of mothers and daughters of a colombian family, talking about their struggles and overcomings in order to make their children's life better.

  • One Two Home
    Gili Shani

    Israel | 04:43 | 2020

    The protagonist of the film is a girl whose home fell apart because of her parents divorce. Her buried memories are revealed through a sea of grains of sand.


  • The Things Around Us
    Magda Kreps

    Germany | 02:45 | 2020

    My mother collects things. Now I understand, she is a memory collector. A hand-drawn animated short-film, in which I explore my relationship with my mother and her belongings.

  • Winter Colours
    Adrianna Wieczorek

    Germany | 09:20 | 2020

    A woman tells a story of her childhood. She lives with her father in a Polish industrial city Katowice, where a black snow falls. Her mother doesn't live with them anymore and her father repressed the painful memory. Though the child doesn't want to forget and uses its imagination to seek the truth about the past.

  • Girls talk about football
    Paola Sorrentino

    Italy | 07:22 | 2021

    What it is like to be a girl in a boys world. Six girls share their own experiences playing woman’s football in a male dominated sport. Their stories are translated by different animation techniques to explore various narrative possibilities.

  • Just between us
    Petra Balekić

    Croatia | 10:45 | 2021

    The film reveals the story of Emma who, after many years abroad, suddenly returns to her hometown. An unplanned but inevitable return confronts her with the demons of growing up in an unhealthy family.

  • 10 thousand kilometers
    Sofia Silvestrova, Varvara Ryabova

    Russia | 06:35 | 2021

    A house at the edge of a forest, where everyone is lonely in their own way. A cold-hearted mother and a faceless father, the resentment and love towards each of them. The transparent man gets closer, the crack in the ground gets bigger.

  • Extravagantly Ordinary Night
    Yu-An Jao

    Taiwan | 06:15 | 2020

    Her bright world became dark after losing sight. One day, She met him, the person she had loved when she still could see… During the short conversation, she could feel the temperature, smell, vision, and state of mind, in this extravagantly ordinary night.

  • Donna Bella
    Emma Virág Csuport

    Slovakia | 02:56 | 2021

    She feels dirty. Bella wakes up, showers, shaves her legs and when she looks into the mirror the only thing there is her tired aging face. You can wash clothes to get rid of the physical dirt but you cannot do the same with your souls. Or can you?

  • Zodiac Gossip
    Fabiola Tenorio

    Mexico | 03:59 | 2020

    Stacy and Pickles are best friends catching up over some drinks, gossiping about flings, tinder dates, their passionate past, and life in general. All their discussions are accompanied by (many) margaritas, poor astrological knowledge, and an eccentric lifestyle.

  • Housewife
    Dominika Wyrobek

    Poland | 05:08 | 2021

    A woman after a hard day, dreams of a fantasy land. In this place she feels free, like an animal. The next day, she returns to her daily routine, but the world behind the wall tries to get out again.