Non-Competitive Programs | #killmeplease

08.10 | 20:45


Returning for its third year, the #killmeplease programme showcases and celebrates some of the craziest, controversial, and subversive animated shorts from around the world. A mixture of techniques, styles, and themes; this selection aims to "blow one's mind" and is ideal for anyone who enjoys indulging in the shocking, horrifying, or embarrassing.

Curated by Aaron Wood, Skwigly Animation Magazine.
Running time 68 min.
  • Two Gracious Uncles Smooched To The Beat
    Jon Dunleavy
    United Kingdom | 03:00 | 2023
    A philosophical debate on the legitimacy of art created by A.I. tools told through the medium of silliness. The Artist must confront the A.I. who is about to make some art on a canvas.
  • Rice & Chicken
    Kamil Wójcik, Cat Kaczmarek

    Poland | 01:35 | 2023

    Get out of breath on the stairs again? fed up with your slim figure? puke when you look in the mirror? don't have time for the gym? excellent! Turbo Chicken was created especially for you! filled with proteins, testosterone, lead, hatred and lust for murder, it tastes like a Silesian roulade! eat and grow! the rest of the leaflet is illegible.

  • Poison Candy
    Karina Torres

    Costa Rica | 02:43 | 2021

    Experimental animation about how fake love can be.

  • Doom
    Rita Casdia

    Italy | 02:38 | 2022

    Doom is an animated video composed of a set of imponderable actions that trigger unpredictable and broken narratives. The characters set in a context with few spatial references move and contaminate each other, relationships that are impossible to escape. "Doom" is therefore a shared and inevitable destiny.

    Angel Lam

    USA | 03:51 | 2022

    PRESSURIZED ORANGE JUICE VEINS. A reticent child stomachs normalized environmental pressures as they live under their caregiver’s domain.

  • Lemon: Looking
    Lisa Petersen

    USA | 00:49 | 2023

    A juicy surprise for a seagull. A lemon.

  • Drijf
    Levi Stoops

    Belgium | 14:59 | 2023

    Jeremy and Aurora are lost at sea. In the vast openness of the ocean they are cooped up together on a small tree bark. As they fail to understand each other’s desires and boundaries, the fight for their survival and the survival of their relationship becomes a bloody mess. Will our castaways be able to grow while trying to make it back to shore, or will they lose a piece of themselves along the way?

  • All Pain, No Gain
    Hansel Ajuyah

    Australia | 03:34 | 2023

    All Pain, No Gain follows a character named Matthew who has been disgusted with his body, so he wants to go to the gym to lose his body fat. However, when he entered the gym, he was emotionally and verbally abused by two bulky gym goers. Thus, he sought to lose body fat and desired to gain muscle tissue, hoping that he would become muscular. But as many bodybuilders, their obsessions start to consume them. Maybe even for Matthew as well!

  • Beste100Bilder
    Mikko Beste, Daniel O´Brien

    Germany | 02:00 | 2023

    "Beste100Bilder" is a pop art parody of 100 historical paintings, told in 7 seconds each. We show the paintings of the greats, enjoy the funny and absurd & tell stories in the process. At you can find all the individual animation loops. The project is experimental. We have a total of 100 individual loop animations. These can run individually, or bundled together. On the big screen, or on smaller screens.

  • Claw Machine Shortfilm
    Marcos Becerro, Andrea Clemente

    Spain | 03:36 | 2021

    Rudy, a lanky and punky teenage boy, together with his innocent younger brother Alvin, visit an arcade in town where they waste all their money. Rudy, vexed with not being able to get a plush in a claw machine for his "babe", accuses it of cheating, triggering a trap that reverses the game and reveals three giant plushes who try to catch the kids and claim them as a prize.

  • Don't Die
    Yuseon Park

    South Korea | 04:49 | 2023

    Frogs begin to die one by one on the stones thrown by a human. The last remaining main character, the frog, decides to take revenge.

  • 4 Pics
    Martin Mykietiw

    Argentina | 02:55 | 2020

    Video Art made based on four paintings.

  • The Nymphomaniac Mosquito
    Danielle Bouteille

    Austria | 01:22 | 2023

    Gustav is a nymphomaniac mosquito. He finds himself attracted to dangerous objects like fire, knives, corpses and stones.

    Antonio Amaral

    France, Portugal | 08:00 | 2023

    Surrealism meets up with Crumb for a coffee and takes a long walk through Crazytown.

  • DEATH BY...
    Rosanna Verdon-Roe

    United Kingdom | 01:47 | 2022

    "DEATH BY..." is an animated morbid comedy featuring a compilation of ridiculous deaths.

  • Blood Bucket
    Sarah Mae Schmidt

    USA | 01:00 | 2022

    A prom queen is visited by the ghost of her coveted pig.

  • Do Good And Bad Will Come To You
    Karina Torres

    Costa Rica | 02:22 | 2022

    This is the official music video for Gab Albertozzi's "Do Good And Bad Will Come To You" from the album "Odious Melodious" out now, on all streaming platforms. Music & Lyrics: Gabriel Bertozzi. 3D Animation & Director: Karina Torres (Frijolini)

  • Calcium Tears
    Janka Dósa

    Austria, Hungary | 02:42 | 2021

    A bittersweet animated short film about handling ageing, loneliness and the limits of human and non-human bodies, with the comfort of the entertainment industry.

  • Eating Soup with a Fork
    Hanna Norberg-Williams

    United Kingdom | 04:18 | 2022

    A character's subconscious and inner world change their experience of the outside world. The concepts and events that occur are informed by Hanna's own research into surrealist automatism and subsequently their own subconscious. These atmospheres and events depict a neurodivergent experience of the world relating to themes of masking, sensory difficulties, time blindness and the need for familiar environments.

  • Little dust
    Petre Mr Tomadze

    Georgia | 00:11 | 2022

    story about life of a dust