Non-Competitive Programs | #killmeplease

The #killmeplease programme showcases and celebrates some of craziest, controversial, and subversive animated shorts from around the world. A mixture of techniques, styles, and themes; this selection aims to "blow one's mind" and is ideal for anyone who enjoys indulging in the shocking, horrifying, or embarrassing.

Programme curator: Aaron Wood, managing director/producer at Slurpy Studios, co-owner at Skwigly Animation Magazine

18+ | Running time 60 min.

  • Michel le Berger
    Raphaël Jouzeau, Valentine Vendroux

    France | 02:31 | 2020


  • Patrick in town
    Eszter Sándor, Valentína Hučková

    United Kingdom | 01:15 | 2019

    A character-driven absurd comedy melodrama.

  • Bavure
    Donato Sansone

    France | 04:42 | 2018

    Bavure portrays the evolution of a human being from his creation to his awareness of the mysteries of the universe. It is a metaphor of the creation of the world and a parable of the artistic process.

  • Big(foot) Love
    Alessia Cecchet, Joshua Dean Tuthill

    USA | 01:45 | 2019

    A forest, a hunter, a groan.

  • Simple shapes, a swarthy child
    Sasha Svirsky

    Russia | 06:31 | 2015

    Experimental non-narrative film a kind of stream of consciousness of alien – an onlooking on a human.

  • My Favourite Hill!
    Christopher Childs

    United Kingdom | 04:20 | 2020

    A group of crazed factory workers become obsessed with a hill. They let loose on the marshy earth, succumbing to strange desires. The hill watches them closely, commenting on their activities like a deranged poet.

  • Emu Coalescence 88
    David Downton

    Canada | 04:17 | 2020

    A young ostrich searches for groceries during a snowstorm

  • Speed
    Ben Mitchell

    United Kingdom | 02:00 | 2019

    First impressions are so important

  • catecholamine
    Ulrica Luo

    China | 01:00 | 2019

    A short video I made for fun. My third time of composing a music piece,  used iPad to drew the whole video. A lot of things in our mind are messy,  maybe our mind is always messy, it's us who built so many rules for thingking.

  • Funeral
    Thịnh Nguyēn

    Denmark | 07:00 | 2020

    From out of the universe, a little boy is born with a quest for a voyage to planet Earth. During his journey, he comes to an absurd small town where a mysterious funeral is happening. With curiosity, the boy attends the funeral to see who is the dead one.

  • Alien TV
    Eléonore Geissler

    France | 09:00 | 2019

    A zapping channel. A mix of interviews: philosophers, researchers, patients, lovers, simple citizen. They all talk in their own ways about their vision of life.

  • Halloween Treat
    Paul Scott

    Canada | 00:45 | 2012

    Halloween Treat

  • Where do babies come from?
    Valerie Chang

    Netherlands | 02:04 | 2018

    A question parents rather not answer. Lets respond as vague as possible and let the imagination do the rest!

  • Threesome
    Eva Hill

    USA | 06:20 | 2020

    Three short animated films about obsession.

  • X.Y.U.
    Donato Sansone

    Italy | 01:37 | 2019

    A short animated visual madness, where body parts merge and transform through a continuous and strange metamorphosis

  • Scenes from the Grocery
    Arielle McCuaig

    Canada | 03:05 | 2019

    Three sisters are hungry so they go to the grocery store and have strange visions of food. Forgotten meals and consumer products mingle and meld with dancing fruit and frugal customers. Endless aisles of shopping carts, utensils, sale prices, and meats. Everything dancing rhythmically to the echoes of "Hungry!", as coupon cutters search for deals.

  • Oh Say Can You See?
    Noam Sussman

    Canada, Estonia | 01:58 | 2019

    A socio-political analysis of the United States of America's current state of affairs