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Be careful, my friend: studying the other people’s demons can wake up yours one day. If it happens, don’t close your eyes, don’t resist, don’t be afraid and don’t ask for mercy. Just remember: when it comes to the desire to uncover the dizzying depths of human existence, you are not alone. No matter how creepy they might seem, one day you will emerge from there and will shake your demon’s hands. One by one. Quite friendly.

Running time 71 min.

  • Room with a Sea view
    Leonid Shmelkov

    Estonia | 11:55 | 2020

    Herbert arrives in the seaside city on a long working trip. Accidentally he falls in love with a very strange beautiful saleswoman in a flower shop. He suffers from insomnia, which he treats by watching billiards on TV. But now it doesn’t help anymore. His obsessive passion keeps him awake…

  • Helfer
    Anna Szöllősi

    Hungary | 09:35 | 2020

    "Helfer" is about a young woman who is struggling with anxiety and recurring nightmares that she wants to end. She is seeking a helper, who offers an alternative solution, but in the process she must confront her biggest fears. The film details their relationship in a surreal world through symbolic events.

  • Lunch on the grass
    Jules Bourges, Jocelyn Charles, Nathan Harbonn-Viaud, Pierre Rougemont

    France | 07:30 | 2019

    A brilliant scientist sees his convictions crumble during a picnic at the lake.

  • Arka
    Natko Stipanicev

    Croatia | 14:40 | 2020

    A grandiose transoceanic cruise ship sailing the seas.

    Ala Nunu Leszynska

    United Kingdom | 05:00 | 2019

    A short story about living with and as a headless person.

    João Gonzalez

    United Kingdom, Portugal | 06:00 | 2019

    Nestor, a man with several obsessive-compulsive behaviours lives in an unstable houseboat which never stops oscillating.

  • Umbilical
    Danski Tang

    China, United States | 06:53 | 2019

    This piece is an animated documentary exploring how my mother’s abusive relationship with my father shaped my own experiences in a boarding school as a child in China. The societal pressures on my mother to hide her abuse and her desire to protect me ultimately created a situation where I was subjected to the same societal pressures. Our shared desires for intimacy, safety, and normalcy have been constantly at odds with the realities that surround us. Through a conversation as adults, my mother and I learn to understand each other and support one another.

  • Toyhood
    Zoë Hutber

    United Kingdom | 03:41 | 2020

    A stop-motion mockumentary about toys and the children they work with, made by matching unscripted interviews with animated puppets.

  • The Surrogate
    Stas Santimov

    Ukraine | 06:03 | 2020

    A man destroys the nest of an unknown creepy creature. But it's not the most horrible creature he will meet tonight.