Competition Programs | Commissioned Films Competition

Running Time 77 min.

  • Jo Goes Hunting - Careful
    Alice Saey

    France | 03:58 | 2020

    On the borderless map of a magical planet, little beings pick, brush, weave, fish and collect elements from their natural environment to sustain their life as a group. This essential balance turns to chaos once they misuse their findings to polish their individual appearance.

  • Wave flotation
    Ornella Macchia

    Belgium | 04:43 | 2019

    Wave Flotation is a slow progression towards deconstruction. A cube, stable element at first, is trapped in its repetitive rhythm where its shadow evolves around it like a sundial. The cubes are shifting between sensitive and digital. They take the shapes of screens in which one eye sends us back to our own voyeurism.

  • Manami Kakudo - Lullaby
    Julian Gallese

    United Kingdom, Japan | 03:58 | 2019

    Music video for "Lullaby" by Manami Kakudo|角銅真実. Commissioned by Universal Music Japan.

  • Jack
    Faiyaz Jafri

    United States | 02:00 | 2019

    Jack is naked. Jack is pretending to play guitar. Jack looks silly and vulnerable?

  • Maggie Dave - I'm Not Ready
    Cassie Shao

    United States | 01:47 | 2019

    A man waits for a continuously late train.

  • Anibar Animation Festival Trailer 2019
    Alice Saey

    Netherlands | 00:50 | 2019

    Around a fountain guarded by gargoyle like herons, a batch of colourful bouncing balls invaded the public place and soaked up the water. Trailer for Anibar Animation Festival 2019 theme «Hopes and Fears».

  • Ryan Martin - Real Human Being
    Anna Samo, Michaela Mueller

    United States | 04:43 | 2020

    Walking through the city with a heavy heart.

  • 9th International Animated Film Festival Animocje 2019
    Marcin Ożóg

    Poland | 00:52 | 2019

    Trailer of the 9th International Animated Film Festival Animocje 2019

  • Ode
    Shadi Adib

    Germany | 02:30 | 2019

    A seagull and three individual fishermen try to cope and survive on stormy seas. But due to the resulting chaos, the fishermen come up with the idea to work together to be more successful. The fishermen make a net out of their fishing lines and throw it out to catch a big fish. The film describes the moment when the idea of a common Europe emerges. A Europe that is in its infancy.

  • Crawander - I'm not feeling very well
    Sunčana Brkulj

    Croatia | 03:32 | 2019

    Singing skeletons dream about breaking free from their geometric formation, and taking a swim in the great, big, blue sea.

  • Comte
    Natalia Ryss

    Israel, Slovenia, United Kingdom | 03:09 | 2019

    Juan, don’t talk a lot, otherwise you’ll become bald...

  • Hedgehog or Problems of Sublimation
    Vova Kompotik

    Ukraine | 05:17 | 2019

    "Hedgehog or Problems of Sublimation" is a music video for an electroacoustic ensemble called DZ'OB from Dnipro, Ukraine. This is the story of a Hedgehog who tried to live his own life among city dwellers and inhabitants of the forest. He was such a nice guy, just wanted to make friends like all others do, but the world around him was so cruel and so unfair.

  • Summer Nights
    Pablo Roldan, Ezequiel

    Argentina | 03:53 | 2020

    Three old friends have a ritual to welcome a new member of the "cool kid" gang. A get together with past summers, that brings back childhood memories.

  • Facing Water
    Daphna Awadish

    Israel | 02:54 | 2019

    Amit discovered the sea in a diving course and fell in love. The quiet, the water, the calmness, nature - it all came together and the sea returned that love to him.

  • Moon King - Free Time
    Jordan Minkoff

    Canada | 05:40 | 2020

    On the clear blue seas peace is disturbed and restored. A speedboat-cruising imposter rumbles over the reef. A toxic sunscreen squirts the sun out of the sky. A dolphin get its revenge.

  • Fastlanes - All I Knew
    Mathilde Bédouet

    France | 03:17 | 2019

    The rugged path of rappers from a suburb near NYC.


  • Your Data Is Showing
    Anna Bonnen

    Denmark | 00:51 | 2019

    An inelegantly informative film about online privacy / The naked truth about online privacy.

    Theo W. Scott

    United Kingdom | 05:51 | 2019

    Experimental Animation made possible due to recent developments in Machine Learning. Created In collaboration alongside Mercury Award winning Artist Gwilym Sainsbury (former member of Alt-J). Creating a digital heterotopia alongside Machine Learning Art collective Datagrama to create a fantastical space based on the ancient Bristol Woodlands. Exploring notions of collective subconscious, Panspermia and the work of Paul Stamets.

  • Twins
    Louis Hudson

    United Kingdom | 01:00 | 2019

    A music video about an excitable midwife getting too hands on with the miracle of birth, featuring charmingly squishy innards and overbearing enthusiasm. Written and performed by Benjamin PD Kane.

  • Serph-Citrus
    Taro Otani

    Japan | 05:10 | 2020

    We are living on the same rotten fruit.
    How to come to terms with something which has different values.
    You are not alone.
    You will not go alone.
    Music Video for Electronica music "Citrus"

  • I am here
    Irida Zhonga, Effie Pappa

    Greece | 00:40 | 2020

    Parents take care of their kids every step of the way. But what happens when they go to school? This TVC showcases Klinex's initiative to provide free cleaning products to over 200 schools in Greece.

  • Gardener & Bumblebee
    Ignas Meilunas

    Lithuania | 00:35 | 2020

    There is a place in Lithuania where a cute little bumblebee lives all year round only because our fellow Gardener takes such a good care of it. What a sweet relationship they have! Apparently, that's what makes tomatoes grow in winter so we can enjoy them throughout the year.

  • Beatbox Anima Mundi 2019
    Janet Perlman

    Canada | 00:39 | 2019

    The signal film for the Anima Mundi animation festival.

  • A dog by your side
    Selina Wagner

    United Kingdom | 02:04 | 2019

    A montage of a woman's life with a dog always by her side.

  • What is corruption?
    Toby Mory

    Germany | 01:42 | 2020

    Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. This film for Transparency Interational explains in a nutshell the way corruption works and the systems that enable it.

  • Just Another Rainy Day
    Qieer Wang

    China, United States | 00:40 | 2020

    Celebrating the second season of The Shivering Truth, where I dug into my deep fear of Entomophobia. Just Another Rainy Day depicted the synaesthesia between the young Sassy Boy and the fighting fire ants in the grassland. It's also one of the bumps that premiered with the new season on air early May 2020.

  • Behind Their Backs
    Marina Stepanska, Kate Voznytsya

    Ukraine | 01:28 | 2020

    Animated book trailer for Haska Shyyan's novel "Behind their backs". Marta is a 27-year-old Ukrainian woman whose life drastically changes after her boyfriend decided to enlist in the army to go and fight in the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine. Marta finds it hard to accept that she is no longer able to enjoy simple pleasures of life with a person she loved. Therefore, she refuses to accept the arguments about patriotism and national idea. Sexual frustration makes her inner conflict even worse.