Competition Programs | Ukrainian Competition

Running time 63 min.

  • Family name in the pocket
    Stepan Koval

    Ukraine | 13:14 | 2019

    The film is based on a real life story. A woman is walking a long way from one village, where everyone has died of famine, to another, with no survivors left. She is hiding away from everyone, all she can think about is how to rescue her son from starvation. The only way to do it is to put the child on a train heading to some town...

  • Elohim - Metamorphine
    Hanna Rybak

    Ukraine | 03:17 | 2020

    A music video about a spectrum of bright and dark sides of a strong affection (or a real love). Music by Elohim.

  • Becoming Human
    Oksana Kurmaz, Olha Khorimarko, Daryna Skulska, Kateryna Mamchur, Natali Kozeko, Kate Jacuszek, Elia Luk

    Ukraine | 09:27 | 2020

    A series of short animations created by students of the Illustration Professium course during their studying in Projector. Reflections on what it means to be human, how and when we feel like humans, and what problems we face as humans.


  • Mr. Nox
    Diana Denys

    Ukraine | 03:00 | 2019

    Documentary animated video "Mr. Nox" was created within the framework of the All-Ukrainian campaign against cyberbullying Docudays UA. The animation is based on the real story of schoolgirl Marta Novosad, who was able to defend herself against cyberbullying.

  • Metamorphosis
    Anna Rudichenko

    Ukraine | 06:47 | 2019

    Gregor is a soviet WW2 veteran and breadwinner for his elderly Father and young sister. In a loose adaptation of Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” Gregor’s life is suddenly in turmoil after a tragic event pits his family against each other.

  • Coin of happiness
    Elina Pupina

    Ukraine | 02:46 | 2020

    What makes us human? Doing good, it always comes back, and if it is just to give the poor person even just a coin, these actions go far into space and come back to us 1000 times more by force.

  • It's just space...
    Svitlana Magda

    Ukraine | 05:17 | 2019

    Documentary animation "It's just space..." is a story about scientists who explore the mysterious processes of space, with the help of a huge field full of antennas, which are located in the Kharkiv region.
    The discoveries that scientists make may be needed only after decades, but understanding the laws by which nature exists will help create technologies for everyday life. 

  • Promise
    Irina Harkavets

    Ukraine | 02:30 | 2020

    This is a very personal story about how much everything is connected. About the relationship of children and parents, ecology education and responsibility for both relations with people and with nature.

    Tamara Khrystenko

    Ukraine | 02:15 | 2020

    The Hero defends his country over and over, in a timeless cycle of aggression and betrayal.

  • Authentix - Done all wrong
    Daryna Kudenko

    Ukraine | 03:30 | 2020 

    This clip was inspired by the beautiful song of the talented Ukrainian musician Authentix (Roman Holubinka). Roma and I did not discuss the content of the song, and what he put into it. He completely trusted me with the plot and style, and I made the animation based on my emotions and impressions only. The plot is based on an eternal theme: unrequited love, beauty, loneliness, and sadness. But all love is a reward, even if it is not shared.

  • After gentrification
    Vitaly Yankovy

    Ukraine | 01:48 | 2020

    One of the aspects of rare gentrification processes in Ukraine is transformation of former factory facilities into fancy and expensive co-workings, where mainly work people from IT and creative business sphere. In that way infrastructure being created for heavy industrial production transforms in visions of domestic working comfort.

  • Wrapped in Plastic
    Vladi Yudi

    Ukraine | 04:00 | 2019

    "Wrapped in Plastic" is a satire on a collective hysteria around plastic. It’s created as a parody of a horror movie where plastic plays the role of evil. The character of sexy and blonde doll Garbie (Garbage+Barbie) lost her way in the haunted forest. Plastic bags emerge from the darkness like ghosts; toothbrushes, straws and bottles grow instead of trees, and a variety of other horror cliches are waiting for her ahead.

  • The history of Ukraine in 5 minutes
    Sashko Danylenko

    Ukraine | 05:37 | 2019

    The brief history of Ukraine from the Big Bang to nova days.