Competition Programs | International Competition 4
Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

September 5 | 14:00

September 8 | 18:00

Running Time 92 min.

  • OBON
    Andre Hörmann, Anna Samo

    Germany | 15:00 | 2018

    Akiko Takakura, one of the last remaining survivors of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, tells her life story. She describes how, amidst the terror and nightmares, she found a moment of rare closeness with her father. 

    Károly 'Kása' Papp

    Hungary | 05:23 | 2018

    Helix is a stop motion animation about the dynamics of human relationships inspired by Antal Kelle's interactive meditation objects.

  • Dreams in the depths
    Reza Mohammadi

    Iran | 08:59 | 2019

    Number of immigrants from different countrys of middle east who deal with war and bad social conditions and poverty. they are emigrated to make they're dreams and imagions possible they hope to find new world behind the oceans.

  • Heat Wave
    Fokion Xenos

    United Kingdom | 07:13 | 2019

    In the midst of a heatwave of insanity, two children find a way to cool everyone down!

  • Gottlieb
    Krste Gospodinovski

    Macedonia | 14:59 | 2018

    Lost in the labyrinth of his subconsciousness Gottlieb struggles to find his way back to reality. Provoking deconstruction of his make believe world he puts his life at risk. At the end as his realities collide he becomes aware of his self-imprisonment.

  • In Between the Walls of Perception
    Pablo Martínez Ballarín

    Estonia | 03:50 | 2018

    A robbery takes place. The thief escapes but a policeman manages to chase him.

  • Dream Cream
    Noam Sussman

    Canada, Estonia | 04:46 | 2019

    An elderly couple is addicted to a psychedelic face cream.

  • The Levers
    Boyoung Kim

    South Korea | 09:24 | 2018

    A guy accepts a job offer from a stranger on the street. He is satisfied with the wages for this simple job, until he hears strange sounds behind the curtains.

  • Passage
    Igor Coric

    Serbia | 06:50 | 2019

    After our hero, a young boy, is left alone to die in the midst of war and destruction, the last members of his tribe are dismantled to basic geometric forms under enemy fire. Taken by the feeling of sorrow and loss, the boy builds a totem out of their remains. Armed with this new structure, he continues towards another confrontation, with an unexpected twist.

  • Baton
    Reynaert Vosveld

    Netherlands | 04:22 | 2018

    An absurdist animated short about sentiments, statements and hierarchical power structures, within the functionality of the new police baton.

  • Violent Equation
    Antonis Doussias

    Greece | 05:00 | 2019

    Dare not to be different. A totalitarian society forces unequal things to become equal. Ignorance creates fear and envy brings violence. Average person's feeble mentality rules by any mean. Inspired by the art of Costis Georgiou.

  • At the Other End of the Table
    Lise Rémon

    Japan | 03:18 | 2019

    He tries to talk to her again. As usual, she seems very distant. But how can that be? She's only at the other end of the table.

  • No, I Don't Want to Dance!
    Andrea Vinciguerra

    United Kingdom | 02:39 | 2019

    Have you ever had the impression that if you play the right song while a person is, for instance, frantically moving their arms trying to get rid of a bee, it may seem like they're dancing instead? "No, I Don’t Want to Dance" it’s a stop motion animated short film which aims to raise awareness of how deadly dangerous dance can be.