Competition Programs | International Competition: Invisibles
Zhovten. Hegemon Hall

04.09 | 19:00

Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

03.09 | 16:00

Sometimes we all need to retire into our shells. Nevertheless, the reality of existence is always on guard. It will take care for you to return.

Running time 91 min.

  • Invisibles

    Romania | 10:00 | 2020

    At home in her apartment, a young woman is caught in events and thoughts put unwillingly into motion. Experiences of past and present reshape the tender balance of her life, as the space reveals its mysteries and unsolved riddles. When does one feel at home with oneself?

  • mandouzma
    Ali Eskandari, Moones Zeydabadi Nejad

    Iran | 08:50 | 2020

    The village became damned And the villagers decided to make a sacrifice.

  • BusLine35A
    Elena Felici

    Denmark | 05:50 | 2021

    One city bus, three passengers and a back seat scenario they fail to address.

  • A Bite of Bone
    Honami Yano

    Japan | 09:45 | 2021

    A little girl reflects on her last summer with her father at his funeral.

  • Metallo
    Calvin Antoine Blandin

    France | 12:50 | 2021

    In an abandoned industrial site, an old man starts a mystical and solitary journey. His search for the truth takes him deep into the factory, to find the heart of the problem.


  • La Bestia
    Marlijn van Nuenen, Ram Tamez, Alfredo Gerard Kuttikatt

    France | 07:41 | 2020

    A young mexican smuggler and a little girl travel illegally on top of a cargo train, called La Bestia, to get to the USA.An injury transforms his perception of the journey.

  • Have a Nice Dog!
    Jalal Maghout

    Germany | 14:02 | 2020

    Trapped in Damascus, surrounded by war, a lonely man becomes increasingly lost in his fantasies of fleeing and the inner dialogues with his dog.

  • See Me
    Patty Stenger, Yvonne Kroese

    Netherlands | 08:22 | 2020

    When nobody sees you, you seem to disappear. Only when you fall, you seem to belong, just for a little while.


  • Easter Eggs
    Nicolas Keppens

    Belgium | 14:02 | 2021

    The Chinese restaurant is empty. The exotic bird’s cage stands wide open. Two friends, Jason and Kevin, see this as an opportunity to catch and sell them. Catching the birds ain’t as simple as it seems.