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Zhovten. Hegemon Hall

02.09 | 19:00

Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

01.09 | 16:00

The presence of animal instincts. The proximity of climate change. A touch to the end of humanity.

Running time 90 min.

  • Wade
    Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Kalp Sanghvi

    India | 10:38 | 2020

    In a version of Kolkata, India rendered unliveable by sea level rise, things take a dark turn when a family of climate change refugees are ambushed by a tiger on the flooded streets.

  • Ant Hill
    Marek Naprstek

    Czech Republic | 13:10 | 2020

    Ant Hill is a story of the end of humanity from the perspective of ants. A rebellious ant worker K99980335 is longing for a different future. When her wish is suddenly cruelly fulfilled, it is already too late to take it back. K. and the last male larva are left alone in an unwelcoming wasteland and have to find a way to build a future of their own.

  • Smart You
    Fabian Mosele

    Italy | 08:42 | 2021

    Smart You, your automated self, is the latest technology that will make your life easier. Seemingly joyful advertisements, Smart You unveils the dangers and limitations of AI through the perspective of five different users.

  • Natural Selection
    Aleta Rajic

    Bosnia and Herzegovina | 09:40 | 2019

    Woman-Doe works as a professional exhibit at the museum in which she hangs from a wall as a dead animal alongside the rest of the trophies of the same kind; deer and doe heads.

  • Sad Beauty
    Arjan Brentjes

    Netherlands | 09:50 | 2020

    In a heavily polluted world, a young woman mourns the disappearance of animal species. When she falls ill due to a bacterial infection, nature appears to send her a message in her hallucinations. 

  • Dog's Field
    Michalina Musialik

    Poland | 11:48 | 2020

    Animals closed in a flat with a decomposing corpse of their owner try to survive. In this difficult situation one of the dogs finds out that love for its owner is stronger than animal instinct.

  • The Stork
    Morten Tšinakov, Lucija Mrzljak

    Estonia | 15:51 | 2020

    While smoking on the balcony, Citizen Stork is struck by a moment of clarity, in which he realises that he is not a person, but rather a bird. At the same time, a man and a woman are eating lunch. When a cuckoo jumps out of the clock, the man leaves the apartment in a hurry. The woman and the stork meet…

  • Blue Fear
    Marie Jacotey, Lola Halifa-Legrand

    France | 10:00 | 2020

    A couple on the roads of Provence. Nils is driving Flora to his parents for the first time when they get ambushed. Whilst she’s made prisoner, he flees. During a night in the pinewood, she has to face her doubts.