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Before, Ukrainian animators strived to be featured in the international competition. In 2021, international competition films can only dream of competing side by side with Ukrainian ones. Our animators do their best for us to be proud of them and admire their work. 

Contemporary, witty, playful, bold, sometimes sad, sometimes bringing hope: Ukrainian animation unites different genres, presents diverse characters and explores multiple topics, always covering essential issues with the most comprehensive language – animation. So that the whole world can hear us. Hear and finally understand. 

Running time 80 min.

  • The War That Changed Rondo
    Olha Havrylova

    Ukraine | 15:00 | 2020

    “The War That Changed Rondo” is based on the same name book, representing that the war has no heart and doesn’t understand any language, though it concerns everyone and leaves scars. But if you build a machine of light together and learn to sing despite all, then even the most fragile creatures will be able to survive and win. This story is a chance for a thoughtful conversation with children about what is happening now in the country, or elsewhere in the world, in the format of the magic history, which always leaves room for hope and optimism.

    Olena Riznychenko

    Ukraine | 01:42 | 2020

    Short film about domestic violence, will to break a cyclical nature of abuse and tolerant attitude towards victims.

  • Unnecessary things
    Dmytro Lisenbart

    Ukraine | 14:00 | 2020

    Could a robot adopt a pet in the near future? – Sure, why not. – Could this pet be a human? – Well, it could be possible in the future. – Could they become friends? – Probably yes. - …And what would become of the robot afterwards? – Listen, to hell with your questions!

  • Dream flight
    Elina Pupina, Nikita Zhuravlev

    Ukraine | 11:18 | 2021

    Vanya grows up in a truly loving family - he has support, care and warmth. From early childhood, the boy's cherished dream was a flight into space, and, finally, he had such an opportunity!

  • The Responsible Hero
    Roman Lysenko

    Ukraine | 04:53 | 2021

    A tragicomedic story about rescue attempt and its consequences based and inspired mostly by cheesy yet charming Superman movies from 70-80s. It is a simple straightforward story with a cheerful and a little bit nostalgic atmosphere contrasted by a grimm and sudden twist.

  • Bridge to the City
    Klym Klymchuk

    Ukraine | 04:00 | 2021

    Once upon a time the small bridge perched near small town. A lot has changed since then, but the bridge remembers old times and can tell us about it.

  • Tiger is Strolling Around
    Anastasiia Falileieva

    Ukraine | 12:05 | 2021

    Katsumi is feeling blue. While walking through a ghost Japanese town, she can see signs that her life has reached the point of no return. When she decides to end this misery, Magic Tiger appears. Can he save her?

  • Empathy
    Mariya Sapatova

    Ukraine | 08:00 | 2020

    A young man carrying a ruined brick house on his head is forced to live in a society where it is forbidden to have ruins on the head. He carefully hides his defect with a high hat and finds the only consolation in his beloved. But one day, by a terrible coincidence, his secret is revealed, and the house, which were lovingly guarded, are revealed under the threat of wrecking...

  • CATnBAT - Evolution
    Sashko Danylenko, Valeriy Lifirenko

    Ukraine | 02:22 | 2021

    Cat and Bat are best friends. Every day, they watch awful television, get awful ideas, and get into an awful lot of trouble. It's a story that reveal painfully funny truths about human nature.

  • Deep Water
    Anna Dudko

    Ukraine | 06:00 | 2020

    A lonely chubby marmaid is keen on peeking at people through the water pipelines using magic. One day she falls in love with a man and, blinded by passion, comes into his apartment to satisfy her burning desires.

  • Papier-mâché (out of competition)
    Anastasia Falileieva

    Ukraine | 04:00 | 2021

    Just as layers of papier-mâché strengthen the fragile form, so working on films and oneself shapes the director. The film is dedicated to the attentive teacher and outstanding puppeteer Oleg Pedan.