Each film of this section implies nature motifs. The artists use it as material by filming the plant tissues patterns, they encourage us to observe fields and forests with abstract forms, and they depict all living and non-living things as a bizarre city’s inhabitants. At the same time, by ‘nature’ one can also imply ‘human nature’, and some of the films talk about it in different ways. The underscore in the block’s title indicates vague connections between the two concepts – co-existence and confrontation, exploitation and exploration...

Running Time 94 min.

  • 1000 dreams: Zenti the invincible
    Jonathan Phanhsay-Chamson

    France | 16:50 | 2019

    Zenti looks for his wife. Zenti is haunted by memories that are not his. Zenti has no control over the present but he will never collapse. He will write poem until his death to find her and himself.

  • Imaginary landscapes
    Mykyta Lyskov

    Ukraine | 04:38 | 2020

    Sometimes abstract spots and lines form a landscape.

  • Blüte
    Raito Low

    Malaysia, Taiwan | 04:24 | 2020

    Blüte (2020) explores the perspective of a woman as she experiences the first tinge of love as it colors her teenage heart for the first time. Plants have been chosen the composite medium of choice to symbolize feminity. Seeds represents birth and rebirth. Plants extend life through seeds into the future, and so does the journey of love. Visualize the most primitive form of love, and try to find the spiritual core of a relationship. Break through traditional Eastern notions of love, and let the seeds grow valiantly into a budding plant. Every woman has the right to love and be loved, so please be proud of your courage to chase after love!

  • Don't buy milk
    Julian Gallese

    United Kingdom | 04:11 | 2019

    Portrait of a small dairy town

  • ZOO
    Young mee Roh

    South Korea | 03:20 | 2020

    The screen is flickering. This is about things that seem moving but still yet; or vice versa.

    The footage of animals were collected from Internet, and exported into 1,600 frames. They were repeatedly printed on the same paper until its shape finally could not be identified and then scanned again.

  • Xylem
    Michael Hughes

    United Kingdom | 05:26 | 2019

    An experimental animation using only microscopic images of xylem, one of the two types of transport tissue in vascular plants.

  • Trunk Calls
    Ross Stringer

    United Kingdom | 03:40 | 2020

    An audio visual interpretation of communication between humans and trees.

  • Freeze frame
    Soetkin Verstegen

    Germany | 05:00 | 2019

    Freeze frame: the most absurd technique since the invention of the moving image. Through an elaborate process of duplicating the same image over and over again, it creates the illusion of stillness.
    In this stop motion film, identical figures perform the hopeless task of preserving blocks of ice, like archivists. The repetitive movements reanimate the animals captured inside.

  • Cante
    Teresa Baroet

    Estonia | 05:00 | 2019

    An anonymous man, alone in a sterile environment of an office, comes to grips with his own existence through the medium of tradition. He hears Cante Alentejano, a traditional singing that guides him through the monotonous meaningless gestures of modern daily work and society.

  • <Hello world/>
    Alexander Isaenko

    Ukraine | 08:38 | 2020

    Current instability of climate system impacts ice cores and rises global sea level, as well as changes human life. At the same time only data code of intelligent machines remains constant in the modern geography.

  • From Over Here
    Patrick Buhr

    Germany | 09:40 | 2020

    This is a film about stuttering. Oh, and also about pigeons, cat callers, apple trees, Goethe's Faust, forests and girls on horses.

  • Intermutation
    Oksana Kazmina

    Ukraine | 23:00 | 2020

    What would be the official history if we could apply a different montage to the events? What would be our today if we could create new experiences instead of reproducing already existent once? We need to collage the world into Utopias in order to bring the magic back to it.