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A legendary bear hunter who became a congressman; an unmourned victim of a dictatorial regime; a phantom wandering through their memories and the attractions of a winter fair. These are all "ghosts" that receive subjectivity in this section's films. They are joined by works about annoying ghosts of the past, including a gigantic monument to a communist, the demolition of which was not financed on time, and portraits of privileged Thai people, disturbing old traumas of social inequality. The programme concludes with exquisite cinematic "ghosts" created in the darkroom by director Peter Tscherkassky who reprinted footage from world cinema onto aged black-and-white celluloid and assembled them into a catastrophic picture of unceasing progress.

Running time 72 min.

  • Kopf Faust Fahne
    Betina Kuntzsch

    Germany | 06:17 | 2021

    Ernst Thälmann had moved the masses during the Weimar Republic. He failed to bring about the “victory of communism”. The fact that communism had long since perished in the hail of bombs during the Second World War and that many of his comrades – who had escaped from Nazi terror – had been murdered by the henchmen of the Communist Party under Stalin was concealed by the SED regime, or perhaps chalked up as collateral damage. Just as Thälmann himself had been previously.

  • Het Regent
    Daniel Wesseik

    Netherlands | 01:20 | 2021

    It was raining in Eindhoven in July ‘21.

  • Blind Spot
    Lotfi Achour

    France, Tunisia | 13:13 | 2021

    Under the dictatorship of Ben Ali, a man is kidnapped, tortured and killed, then vanishes without ever being found. Thirty years later, he comes back to talk to us, asking the question his mother asked: "Where did you abandon my son's body?”

  • Iizuna Fair
    Sumito Sakakibara

    Japan | 11:32 | 2021

    In the midst of the frenzy night a man finds himself lost in the crevasse of time. It was not the grotesque beings nor the monsters, but it was he who "was here, but wasn't here". He was the phantom. Buried under memories full of inhibition and promises that never kept - words washed up on the shore - time keeps him at a distance from the "place" . And he hears poems coming on the waves from the other side ryhming and lapping against the shore. A 360° scope video Installation commissioned by Nagano Art Museum.

  • Observatory
    Wieslawa Ruta

    Poland | 06:10 | 2022

    Abstract experimental film to the music of Danish musician Sofie Birch

  • PURR
    Zachary Tyler Vickers

    United States | 02:40 | 2022

    Using primarily archive footage and sound, PURR is a compressed memory of a six-month old kitten, Elliot, during the three months we cared for him before he passed away from the rare disease Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), aka "The Purring Disease." Rotoscope and hand-drawn animation in crayon on Elliot's Xeroxed medical reports.

  • Tender Parts
    Steven Subotnick

    United States | 05:50 | 2021

    I didn’t know which way home was, nor anything about it.

    "Tender Parts" uses quotes from the autobiography of David Crockett; - an American politician of the 19th century, a military figure and a folk hero, who became famous for his hunting skills and the image of a tough guy from the Frontier. Through this popular figure, Steven Subotnick poetically explores American identity and history, including the expansion that destroyed the continent's original environment and the atmosphere of violence in the politics of the time that became part of the national myth. - сurator Yulia Kuznietsova"

  • Parasite Family
    Prapat Jiwarangsan

    Thailand | 05:00 | 2022

    Parasite Family is constructed from old film negatives discovered in an out-of-business film lab. Using analog and digital editing techniques, Prapat Jiwarangsan breathes new energy into these old films. He accompanies them on their journey from the world of analog to the world of digital, and finally to the world of AI-generated images and NFT artworks. Suggesting that these faces represent a certain kind of family that is parasitic on Thai society—the kind of families and institutions that absorb wealth and power—they gradually evolve into a new species of monsters.

  • Train Again
    Peter Tscherkassky

    Austria | 20:00 | 2021

    18 years after Kurt Kren produced his third film 3/60 Bäume im Herbst [3/60 Trees in Autumn], he shot his masterpiece 37/78 Tree Again. 18 years after I created my third darkroom film L’Arrivèe (an homage to the Lumière brothers and their 1895 L'Arrivée d'un train), I embarked on Train Again. This third film in my “Rushes Series” is an homage to Kurt Kren that simultaneously taps into a classic motif in film history.