Experimental Animation and Video Art | Obsessions and joy: Ukrainian media art animation
IZONE. First Floor

30.09 | 20:45

This program contains video artworks from past two decades created by Ukrainian media artists who occasionally apply to different animaion techniques. Either not constrained by or sincerely unaware of restrictions and professional conventions of the animation direction, these artists feel more creative freedom and hence prefer more experiments, erasing the narrative or reducing it to an absurdity, using technologically complex digital media or deliberately choosing primitive animation esthetics. This program was also boosted by noticing the fact that Ukrainian media artists use animation for common reasons as they deal with the subject of obsessing something and getting joy from it. Obsession with utopian future, obsession with success and delight, with national patriotic fantasies, with physical or mental transformations etc. - all these obsessions are expressed by means of animation in such  excessive ways so that expected joy can accidentally turn into disturbance.


  • Нігеліус/Nihelious
    Yuri Yefanov

    Ukraine | 2017 | 10:36

    The work is made of 3d graphics created specifically for wedding videos in the early 2000's. “Archetypal characters are woven and encrypted in the film flow but by and large they have no meaning. Their sense was killed by nihilist of the past, ironically adopted by nihilist of the present. Instead a new aesthetics seems to me as a symptom of decadence, helplessness, where the strongest thing a person can do is to joke, to be witty.” (Y. Y.)

  • Spyaschaya
    Max Afanasyev

    Ukraine | 2014 | 04:32

    Paradoxical changes inside the human organism at the moments of unconscious affection to infernal objects.

  • aero bic.

    Ukraine | 2004 | 03:24

    It is unknown how were a camera, vinyl record and self-massage brochure found. And all of these have combined in the project «aero bic.». Sound by Mext Zina. Drawings by N. Tymoshenko, V. Shtivelberg, Y. Sushchuk - students of the pedagogical institute, graphics faculty (1985).
  • View in the future: Collective, Happiness 100%, Ruine or shell
    Dariia Kuzmych

    Ukraine | 2016 | 05:07

    Using dystopian storytelling, the project „View in the future“ deals with common close connection between technology and humans. In the form of videoinstallation with multiple series the subjects are built on the idea of bodyless life and its different combinations. How will beings of such a distinct future life forms look like together, what questions or problems can emerge in its connections? The overplayed stories about these future beings are necessary for searching maybe the most unexpected, but difficult questions in the context of conjunction of people and artificial intelligence.

  • Good luck chain videocassette
    Gleb Katchuk, Olga Kashimbeckova

    Ukraine | 2001 | 03:48

    Video inspired by so called good luck chain letters and symbols of happiness in different cultures. The authors stated that the master film hsd been sanctified in Jerusalem and had arrived in Ukraine on Christmas.To start the good luck chain one had to make seven copies of the VHS and send it to other people.

  • Untitled (Alterlaa-AG 1968)
    Mitya Churikov

    Ukraine | 2015 | 06:35


    Part of the project that engages with the specifity of Vienna’s Alterlaa residential district, an example of modernist architecture that is now considered to symbolize a failed utopia. “During his attempt to figure out why residents perceive the site with such fondness, Churikov gathered iconographies of everyday life in an urban landscape which as created for the future a long time ago” (Ulrike Gerhardt).

  • 100 favourite songs sung by Vyacheslav Mashnitsky
    Stas Volyazlovsky

    Ukraine | 2006 | 03:28

    Visual accompany to the Ukrainian folk songs performed by the fellow artist Vyacheslav Mashnitsky.


  • Richard III
    Oleksandr Smolskyy, Yuriy Smolskyy

    Ukraine | 2002 | 04:15

    Visualization (plastical code) for scenography of Shakespeare’s play of the same name. The key idea for the project was applying semiotic concept of cultural space (including theatrical space).

  • Legend of Little Russia
    Semen Khramtsov

    Ukraine | 2010 | 03:54

    The manuscript of this legend was found in the scythian tomb in Kherson in 1918. Fanatical staff of the local history museum were hiding it from communist invaders for 90 years. During hard timesof perestroika they had to sell thi document abroad but it didn’t pass the border guard that later hung it on the WC door. And there I’ve discovered it. I had deliberately got off the train to pee because of the vomiting smell of chinese sandals and soviet clysters which I had been illegally carrying to Poland. So I read this and it touched me so deeply that I decided to tell all the world about it for people not fooling around anymore but doing something good and great.

  • Barthes1
    Dmytro Bondarchuk

    Ukraine | 2015 | 04:45

    “The text is open ad infinitum”. Roland Barthes.

  • Tarhun
    Max Afanasyev

    Ukraine | 2008 | 02:30

    Animation work based on the naive painting of Ukrainian artist Polina Rayko accompanied by a prison folk song.

  • The Lost One
    Ula Julia

    Ukraine | 2014 | 03:30

    The excerpt of the vertical screen project based on the short story “The Lost Ones” by Samuel Beckett.

  • The Man who throve in moth
    Max Afanasyev

    Ukraine | 2009 | 02:00

    Dark ambient of my stolen soul


  • Fatal Error - Blue Screen

    Ukraine | 2014 | 00:49

    A part of the 4-piece project about a state of mind that you experience when you are surfing Internet way too long, about visual information overdose, about seeing hundreds, or even thousands of images every day, which travel from real world to our consciousness. If dream deprivation exceeds normal borders - the flow of images appears, even if you close your eyes for a moment. This state is painful but at the same time beautiful. This experience seemed like the creation of always available image library and is holding ambition for rapid consumption of new information, which is being dictated by speed of modern devices.