05.10 | 20:00


Another day of war is easier to survive when you have plans for the future. The films of this programme show various things that are postponed for later: from the desire to take a routine walk around your city after the shelling to strategies for archiving and modelling an egalitarian world. Some of the works foster thoughts about the city of the future. What will it be like? Absorbed by claustrophobic buildings? Or will it be full of multiculturalism? Or, maybe, it will become an eco-utopia? Artificial intelligence – a frequent topic of speculation about the future – is also present in this selection. As a tool for creating animations and apparently a co-author, AI has its vision of the future. Despite the gloomy present, these films offer mostly an optimistic perspective on the future. Judging by one of the works: every battlefield will one day turn into a peaceful picturesque landscape.

Curated by Yuliia Kuznietsova.

Running time 82 min.

  • We Will Definitely Talk About This After The Last Air Raid Alert Stops
    Yuri Yefanov

    Ukraine | 16:39 | 2023

    In the nearest future after the war, a city decides to get rid of obsolete mechanisms of exploitation. In an attempt to coexist with "nature", humans launch a recultivation program. “…where aims of people do not stand in the way of the aims of other people, trees, rivers, chipmunks, mushrooms…”

  • Hold on for Dear Life
    Simone Fiorentino

    Italy | 08:51 | 2023

    A young man wanders around his bomb-wounded city with his dog and his noseless friend Jean-Michel, while trying to keep his everyday life intact.

  • Promise I will get back
    Ihor Dudnyk

    Ukraine | 08:15 | 2023

    He researched 7 of the deadliest battles in history for thesis project and went on expedition to see the battlefields with his own eyes

  • Cache Memory
    Jungkyun Shin

    South Korea | 06:38 | 2023

    Cache refers to a temporary place where frequently used data is copied or a hiding place. It is used when you want to save time to recalculate the value because you can approach the target at a faster speed without a separate procedure if you move the data here in advance. Reflecting these characteristics, I rearranged the selected objects in a virtual space. The scene, which was created like a filming set, is illuminated by multiple cameras, and the arrangement of sets, lighting, and props is revealed as they are. This intentionally exposes the system in the process to realize a landscape rather than just showing the result.

  • Motus
    Nelson Fernandes

    Portugal | 04:10 | 2023

    Motus: a body in motion. A stop-motion animation where conception, degradation and regeneration cohabit in a unique way. A creation on a metal sheet using ethanol as the raw material.

  • Brixton Bustle
    Shaun Clark

    United Kingdom | 04:50 | 2023

    A journey through the energy, rhythm and culture of life in Brixton, a district of South London with an African-Caribbean soul.

    Max Hattler

    Hong Kong | 07:00 | 2023

    Shot entirely from an apartment on the 36th floor of a high-rise building, the images in this experimental stereoscopic animation survey large parts of Hong Kong’s cityscape. Using an extreme distance of up to two meters between two synchronized cameras capturing the stereoscopic scenes, the recipient’s interocular distance is widened, making the viewer into a giant and the city into a miniature. 

  • Dissolution
    Sujin Kim

    USA | 03:09 | 2023

    Dissolution is an experimental animation that takes viewers on a journey of dissolution through a series of unique and captivating animated illusions. The film demonstrates that dissolution is not an end, but rather a process of a new creation. Using a dynamic blend of animation techniques, including 3D software, hand-drawn 2D animation, and prompt-driven animation by artificial intelligence, “Dissolution” breaks free from traditional constraints to offer a unique and cohesive visual experience. The film’s creative vision is further amplified by a pre-trained neural style transfer tool that seamlessly unites diverse animation styles into a cohesive whole.

  • Utopia
    Adriana Lopez Garibay

    Mexico | 03:26 | 2021

    This project was born from research that seeks to explore the materiality generated by digital photography from textures and details that are not visible to the human eye. Similarly, to propose that digital matter can be enhanced through digital software that allows us to examine its narrative possibilities and decompose matter. On the other hand, this work seeks to investigate other forms of creation that challenge the construction of the normativity of thought, creative and aesthetic, which is imposed in most of the images exhibited in audiovisual media such as television, advertising and social networks, since it is considered necessary to search from digital photography for images that offer a counterpoint.

  • Algodreams
    Vladimir Todorovic

    Australia | 10:33 | 2023

    Algodreams are made by prompting AI systems to imagine the future of life on planet Earth. They dreamt of time machines, memory machines, flamingos that can save the oceans, the AI civilization that destroys humans to protect the planet, and they dreamt of self-driving bicycles that fall in love. These algorithmic visions are made possible by the humans who are putting heroic efforts to build new AI infrastructures, promising to create essential services to live in this world. While machines are turning into wonderful storytellers, humans are slaying their way to produce new forms of machine creativity.

  • Know No Now
    Karl Erickson

    USA | 05:03 | 2023

    Know No Now is an animation of two puppets, Jelly Pop and Perky Jean, struggling to figure out how to live beyond the present moment of extraction-based capitalism and the resulting environmental destruction. Working through fear (of language, of the other, of time, and of the self), Jelly Pop and Perky Jean arrive at a mental space in which they imagine themselves outside of time, no longer ego driven, and having a long view of existence. Know No Now was created in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence and is part of an ongoing project in which I am working with Artificial Intelligence to create absurd educational programming inspired by A.I.s’ (mis)understandings of children’s television shows, emphasizing how human-caused environmental collapse is communicated.

  • perf dance
    Steven Woloshen

    Canada | 03:30 | 2022

    A physical dance with darkness and light - a dark choreography with film.