Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

03.09 | 20:00

Among this year's LINOLEUM experimental films submissions, there were practically no funny and humoristic works. Other moods were present instead: anxiety, inexplicable sadness and fatalism. This selection conveys anticipation of something sinister and inevitable: from the Black Hole approaching in the film by Ukrainian artist Yuri Yefanov to the tragic individual fate calculated by artificial intelligence in the work "Forever". However, this selection of animations ends with an optimistic message: if you can not get rid of these vague misgivings, then at least you can find some charm in them.

Curated by Yulia Kuznietsova

Running time 81 min.

  • The Wind Probably
    Yuri Yefanov

    Ukraine | 10:41 | 2021

    A human is observing the deserted streets of his hometown on the edge of the Apocalypse. The world is on the verge of being absorbed by the Black Hole. Familiar places in the ruins are difficult to recognize and it’s hard to find the clues to understand is it a reality or dream. The sensation of “not quite real” is the sensation experienced during a catastrophe. In a person's attempts to orientate the disintegrating reality, the only one with whom he can discuss what is happening is artificial intelligence.

  • AIVA
    Veneta Androva

    Germany, Bulgaria | 13:00 | 2020

    Meet AIVA – the female humanoid artist. She is in her mid-thirties, young and beautiful. But not only that, she is also unbelievably creative. This female AI artist, who was designed by a cis-male engineering team, has the task of contributing more diversity to the art world and to offer a female perspective.

  • On Time
    Zbigniew Czapla

     Poland | 05:30 | 2021

    Japanese trains. Non-places. Accidental encounters. An intense experience of travel through time and space. From Matsuo Bashō's haiku to the images of a vanishing world created by Hokusai in Manga catalogues.

  • Forever
    Mitch McGlocklin

    United States | 07:25 | 2020

    A life insurance company uses an AI algorithm to determine the risk of a new applicant. The subsequent denial sparks a period of introspection for the individual in question. "Forever" was created using the experiential technique of using LiDAR (originally created for self-driving cars) to capture real life moments. AI uses LiDAR to "see" humanity in accurate detail, but has resolution limitations. In both story and style, "Forever" explores the boundary of advanced technology and the human experience.

  • Hunting
    Hauazkena Taldea, Begoña Vicario

    Spain | 04:58 | 2020

    In 1969, artist Rafael Ruiz Balerdi made the short animated film “Homenaje a Tarzán” (“Homage to Tarzan”), which ended with an enigmatic ‘to be continued’. “Ehiza” (“Hunting”) is our continuation. In “Ehiza”, we accept Balerdi's aesthetic but step away from the colonial perspective of the films that inspired that work to depict the harshness of our own reality: harassment, violence and destruction.

  • Sacred Clockworks
    Moritz Schuchmann

    Germany | 04:56 | 2021

    The film reflects religion through photographic animation of their impressive sacral architecture. Thereby the domes of churches, mosques or synagogues are treated like clockworks – infinitely continuous, embodying thousands of years of history. The film examines the dome’s distinctive structure built from multiple layers of circular patterns. It pays homage to the beautiful art that emerged from religious institutions without overlooking the fact that these same institutions led to violence, suffering and death. The film reminds us of the commonalities of different religions by examining the similarities of their sacral architecture. A statement for more tolerance and against any fundamentalism.

  • The night shatters my shadows
    Luis Esguerra Cifuentes

    Colombia | 20:40 | 2020

    Now the barking of the dogs can be heard here, next to us. Last night, Daniel had problems to fall asleep. Compiled with more than 5000 handmade illustrations, THE NIGHT SHATTERS MY SHADOWS intends to build, first and foremost, a diary of trips and dreams.


  • Twitch
    Lauren Hammersley

    UK | 02:52 | 2021

    ‘TWITCH’ is a short experimental film that explores the physical sensations of anxiety and aims to mimic these feelings through animation with portraits.


  • Push This Button if You Begin to Panic
    Gabriel Böhmer

    UK | 11:00 | 2020

    Bartholomew Whisper went to the doctor today. There he met administrators keen on experimental surgery, and lonely MRI machines. At least the growing hole in his head was becoming quite beautiful.