Special Screenings | O!PLA. Focus on Poland 2021
Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

02.09 | 18:00

THE BEST OF O!PLA'21 - FOCUS ON POLAND is a unique program presenting the winners of the 9th O!PLA Animation Festival (2021). As always the only Jury at O!PLA was the audience. THE BEST OF O!PLA'21 is an amazing mix of techniques, styles, and emotions showing what in modern Polish animation (O!PLA means „Oh! Polish Animation”, but also: “Oh! People Love Animation”) is the best. Starting off 2013 O!PLA consequently grows in strength, but one thing remains the same independence and passion, which standing behind the O!PLA.

Running time 68 min.

  • Skull
    Zuzanna Rogala

    Poland | 01:13 | 2020

    Short story about the skull...

  • Buddies
    Amelia Baj

    Poland | 02:13 | 2020

    "Buddies" is a grotesque, symbolic film about dynamic interpersonal relations, showing man as a being both funny and destructive.

  • Story about Why Devil Limps
    Kasia Zimnoch, Paweł Kleszczewski

    Poland | 05:21 | 2020

    A long time ago, God grazed His sheep on paradise pastures. The devil grazing a herd of goats nearby wanted to take the animals from God... The plot of the film was based on a folk etiological fairy tale explaining this extremely important fact in the devil's life.

  • Reason
    Szymon Ruczyński

    Poland | 07:56 | 2020

    In a small town, one of the inhabitants is accused of practicing magic. One woman is openly opposed to the spiral of accusations and camouflaged attacks on that woman, but her personal misfortune puts her position to the test.

  • Pathological Seamstress - Bad Day
    Agata Szwarc

    Poland | 01:00 | 2020

    Short story about seamstress...

  • Delinsky's Madness
    Kamil Wójcik

    Poland | 03:24 | 2020

    It is said that when a man shoots, the devil carries bullets. Or is it the other way around? "Projectile Catcher" is a magic trick in which an illusionist catches a bullet fired at him. This is one of the most dangerous tricks. This trick cost the lives of at least 15 illusionists. One of the most drastic cases is the death of the Polish magician Madame DeLinsky, who appeared alongside her husband in 1820 in front of Prince ShwarznbergSonderhausen. This animation is loosely inspired by their tragedy.

  • My Dear Quarantine
    Ewa Maria Wolska

    Poland | 05:19 | 2020

    My dear quarantine is a simple story about a pandemic a poetic portrayal of a time of isolation, loneliness and boredom.

  • Blue Monday
    Katarzyna Orłowska

    Poland | 01:19 | 2020

    A short story about Blue Monday...

  • HIDDEN – Hidden Beams
    Martyna Koleniec

    Poland | 03:10 | 2020

    "How'd you find me / I've tried to stay hid? / As that underground kid In crimson tight fits..." – animated music video.

  • Subway
    Robert Kuźniewski

    Poland | 05:00 | 2020

    A grotesque about a typical situation in the subway...

  • The Wicked Never Rests
    Nawojka Wierzbowska

    Poland | 07:15 | 2020

    Bartholmus is the mayor of a medieval coastal city. He is not interested in governance, but he is very fond of people applauding him. One day he learns that all mayors from the surrounding towns have bought new clocks for the town hall. Bartholmus only has a small and ugly clock, so he calls the great sculptor Hans and his helper Heel to the city. Together, they create an unusual clock, the beauty of which turns out to be dangerous.

  • The Elephant
    Dominika Wilkosz

    Poland | 06:52 | 2019

    How the elephant looks like, everyone sees ... And if cannot see? After reading the enigmatic description, the character decides to know for himself what this strange creature actually is. He leaves the familiar, safe space and immerses himself in the hustle and bustle of the street. Finding the way through a busy area is not easy - three colleagues, also blind, join the expedition to support their friend.

  • Three Jumps to Happiness
    Artur Hanaj

    Poland | 11:54 | 2020

    A black comedy about one evening in the life of several animals. A pair of turtles, a bear, and a monkey - a personal trainer want to find the will to consciously manage their lives.


  • Green Tree
    Filip Szuksztul

    Poland | 02:52 | 2020

    Created by the 15-years old artist a journey through the world illustrating the problems faced by modern man - the effects of his own activity.