Special Screenings | Ukrainian Retrospective: Oleg Pedan

Oleg Pedan (1960—2020) is an outstanding Ukrainian animator and unique author of puppet animation. He was a master of a laborious and technically demanding genre who created (alone and together with his constant collaborator, production designer Igor Kotkov) surprisingly quirky worlds. He knew how to create stories out of any material or object, could come up with a character made from the most trivial things: a compass thus could turn into a ballerina, a light bulb or a clock could suddenly become alive… His works combine childishly boundless imagination for craftsmanship and philosophically deep and somewhat grumpy way of looking at life. Films by Oleg Pedan fascinate children and touch adults, they are an impressive example of work with light and volume that are truthfully inspiring and unique. He shared his skills by teaching film students and posting video tutorials on fabricating puppets. We invite you to explore together with us the amazing animation worlds by Oleg Pedan.

Running Time 98 min.

  • Iron Wolf
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 09:41 | 1999

    An ironic interpretation of a Ukrainian folk tale. Oleg Pedan's directorial debut.

  • Bright Personality
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 10:00 | 2001

    Puppet animation about a city of light bulbs. The existence of this remarkable city depends on one big lantern. Every day, a lamplighter switches it on and off. One day someone steals the light bulb from the lantern.

  • Nobody home
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 10:00 | 2003

    A story about a man who dreams of building a boat. But the world around the master keeps shattering this dream.

  • The Key
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 13:00 | 2004

    Practically all characters of this puppet animation film are made out of clockwork. The Watchmaker is the most important inhabitant of this fairy-tale city. He is a local “doctor” who can wind up the key and fix the wheels. One day, a threat appears in the peaceful city.

  • A house for a snail
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 10:00 | 2006

    Hardships of snails when they find themselves outside of their houses.

  • The Smallest One
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 09:24 | 2006

    Inner world and reflection of a small boy about a person he might become one day.

  • № 201
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 08:23 | 2013

    On what basis does the system evaluate our usefulness? Can this usefulness be assessed at all? What will happen to us tomorrow if we do not give "enough milk"?


  • Amusement
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 09:33 | 2015

    This film is a parable. The director uses allegory to reflect on the meaning of our life and the flow of time. 

  • Ragdoll Man
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 08:42 | 2016

    Adventures of the little unattractive, but very charming doll willing to help his friend even at the cost of his own life.


  • Circus on the wire
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 10:11 | 2019

    Children's fantasy has no boundaries, no prohibitions. Any object can come to life and become a fairy tale hero…