Special Screenings | Ukrainian Retrospective: Female Rebel

Was there feminism in the classic Ukrainian animation? We had that question in mind while making this retrospective. Not all of the films' heroines go for the protest but certainly all women characters in this programme have sufficient grounds for indignation. Unpaid reproductive labour, domestic violence, gender stereotypes pressure  all this can be seen in the frames of Ukrainian animations. Mostly presented with humour and through the family roles division stories, these topics get a new viewpoint from the modern audience. We offer you to take a fresh look at the gender conflicts in the Ukrainian village and city, and at the same time to re-evaluate and discuss the history of Ukrainian animation.

Running Time 60 min.

  • How Wives Sold Their Husbands
    Iryna Gurvych

    Ukraine | 1972 | 09:22

    Once women rebelled in a Ukrainian village. They got tired that their men did not want to deal with their disadvantages. One of the women wishes have fun and dance all the time, but her spouse keeps her home because of their age. The other one’s husband drinks alot, and the third one is always fidning excuses from work. So the wives tied their husbands with ropes and led them to sell on the market...

  • How Husbands Taught Their Wives
    Iryna Gurvych

    Ukraine | 1976 | 10:06

    A hilarious musical cartoon where the figures embroidered on a Ukrainian folk towel come to life. The action takes place among women who wanted to change lives in their families and their husbands. What will the spouses’ tricks lead to?

  • Family Marathon
    Volodymyr Dakhno

    Ukraine | 1981 | 08:45

    An ironic cartoon about how unfairly responsibilities in the family are divided sometimes. Thus, the main character watches sporting events on television, and his wife runs around the apartment as fast as the performing athletes, doing laundry and ironing, not forgetting to make massage to her relaxing husband at the free time.

  • The Log
    Serhiy Kushnierov

    Ukraine | 1988 | 03:29

    The third instalment of a collection named Short Stories: We, the Women tells a story about a man's place in a woman's life.

  • Seven Mothers of Semen Sineborodko
    Lyudmyla Tkachikova

    Ukraine | 1992 | 09:50

    Feeling hungry, a young boy Semen and his father went to the kitchen to get some food, but all they found was empty pans and a note from his mother, saying that she couldn't live that way anymore. Due to the everlasting feeling of hunger, Semen’s father embarked on a search of a new mother. 

  • The Tale of The Goddess Mokosha
    Nataliya Chernyshova

    Ukraine | 1995 | 09:35

    Once there was an ordinary country woman, but she had a bad husband, because he did nothing puting all the work on the fragile shoulders of his wife. As time passed, nothing has changed, and he dealt with pleasure with only one thing - he devoured all the food. She didn't think she could change anything, but a goddess Mokosh intervened, deservedly punishing the ungrateful slacker.

  • One Day I Came Home
    Iryna Gurvych

    Ukraine | 1981 | 07:58

    This story takes place in a Ukrainian village, in the family of a simple man who loved to drink. He came home once aggressive, and began to threaten his wife, waking up a little child by screaming. His wife drove him away, sending to sleep in the attic. And in the morning, getting sober, the rowdy apologized and asked for food, but his favorite was adamant in her decision.