Special Screenings | NEW FACES
Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

03.09 | 18:00

Each year, LINOLEUM festival receives around 60 submissions from Ukraine. Unfortunately, not all of them make it to the competition selection. We aim to promote independent Ukrainian and international animation, so we created the NEW FACES programme this year. It will include films by promising Ukrainian authors who are already building the future of our animation nowadays. Different cities, techniques, stories. After the screening, we will talk with the authors about their work, the perspectives of animation in Ukraine and problems they face every day.

Running time 90 min.

  • Why do kids cry
    Leonid Tyvoniuk

    Ukraine | 06:36 | 2019

    An existential search of a cockroach trying to find himself. He wants to resemble humans because they are big. So he gains weight copying humans. Then he wants to resemble elephants because they are even bigger and stronger. In the end, the cockroach thinks he has already become an elephant and provokes a conflict with a human.

  • We End Up As A Ghost
    Vlad Zhuk

    Lviv, Ukraine | 02:29 | 2021

    The character wakes up in a snowy forest. While wandering around, he finds a mysterious carnival where a crazy celebration has just begun. 

  • The Memorial
    Tyhran Sohoian

    Kyiv, Ukraine | 06:29 | 2021

    It is hard to let go of someone you love. The main character gets back to memories when he was with a guy he loves. We can see the inner world of the character where all good memories of relationships are gathered as a symbol of the Twin Towers. They are full of warm and lovely flashbacks which help character to fight with loneliness.

  • Sticky Situation
    Maryna Dovhanych

    Kyiv, Ukraine | 01:25 | 2021

    It’s the end of another workday; the inhabitants of a densely populated city ride the subway, each in their own business. Everyone is immersed in their thoughts, while indifferently rubbing shoulders with unified strangers. Suddenly, accidental physical contact with random people turns into a nightmare. Now it’s time to decide how to adjust to the sudden terrifying changes.

  • Noise
    Anastasiia Martyniuk

    Lviv, Ukraine | 01:37 | 2021

    There was a time of silence. Then, noise appeared. This noise knew better how to live and what to do.

  • Journey
    Alina Malyk

    Lviv, Ukraine | 01:11 | 2021

    Short cartoon about an alien who returned to Earth in search of his distant relatives. His great-grandparents owned a colony here long ago. The newcomer explores the Earth, stumbles upon a house, observes it with interest, watches the boy who lives there. Eventually, the boy notices him.

  • Laniakea
    Dima Taran

    Kherson, Ukraine | 05:49 | 2020

    The action takes place in the future, superluminal speeds allow to travel any point in the universe. People want to find extraterrestrial life, but no one can't find anything. One day, a lonely man found the message.

  • The Waifs
    Sasha Korshunova
    Cherkasy, Ukraine | 00:49 | 2021
    This animation is one of the first works of this scale, not in terms of visual complexity or production, but rather when it comes to the theme and chronology. The topic was chosen based on the school task. I wanted to move away from the history of feminism, natural disasters and emotional burnout. I wanted to touch on something that people do not speak about. Nevertheless, this issue is vital in the CIS countries. This animation barely illustrates a tiny fraction of the global problem of the homeless, but it still tries to show images of them. Short scenes, lightly drawn characters, bright music – the combination of these elements produces an acceptable result in the form of a social video.