Special Screenings | Estonian Animation: Pastel mind games
Zhovten. Hegemon Hall

05.09 | 15:45

As an answer to the restricted environment of 1970s Estonia, authors started to chase freedom with bright-coloured ideas. Yet, even behind vibrant pop animation, the shadow of the regime was spreading its roots. Pastel-coloured Hotel E speculates what happens with Homo sovieticus once the iron curtain has fallen. Fear of modern inventions merges with curiosity in Avo Paistik’s absurdist Vacuum Cleaner. Estonian pop animation epoch has long ended, and new fears have replaced the old. Today, doping fueled cyclists are chasing their dreams in Velodrool, and laser-eyed cats rule the suburbs in Crackhouse. This screening joins pop animation classics with fresh voices whose visual language is as mind-altering as animation in the erratic 1970s. Time to shake up your brain waves.

Curated by Aurelia Aasa

Running time 56 min.

  • Vacuum Cleaner
    Avo Paistik

    ESSR | 09:48 | 1978

    A colourful animation about a red vacuum cleaner that threatens to swallow the whole world.

  • Velodrool
    Sander Joon

    Estonia | 06:12 | 2015

    An addicted biker runs out of cigarettes. He joins a race to get more, but has to take help from some peculiar people in the audience to stay in the competition.


  • Colour Bird
    Rein Raamat

    ESSR | 07:28 | 1974

    In a black-and-white world colourful birds are born – red, yellow, blue, green, violet. Each of them brings a new colour to the world. The birds are attacked by a cat who wants to destroy them. The birds defeat the cat. They merge into a beautiful colour bird. A bleak and inexpressive world becomes multicoloured.

  • Crackhouse
    Martinus Klemet

    Estonia | 04:15 | 2014

    A man brings a cat home one day. It turns out he has a special plan for his new pet. However, he doesn't seem to know that cats have nine lives. Inspired by a controversial Dutch art project from 2012, animated horror comedy "Crackhouse" depicts psychedelic suburb flooded by stern dubstep sounds.

  • Hotel E
    Priit Pärn

    Estonia | 28:31 | 1992

    A resident moves into an adjoining room at the Hotel E. One room is dark and gloomy while the other is colorful and wonderful. This was made as the Cold War came to its halt and serves as a warning to our society.