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There are things you'd rather forget. Things you don't want to talk about even with the closest ones. Things that make you turn your eyes away in horror and persuade yourself that this has never happened.

Right now, it's all taking place for real. In the XXI century, in the age of global tolerance and commercial travels beyond the horizons of planet Earth. Right now, the bloodiest and most genocidal episode in the history of Europe since the end of the Second World War is unfolding in Ukraine. Russian missiles incinerate Ukrainian cities and tear off people's limbs. With their heavy armoured tanks, Russian soldiers smash cars with frightened civilians trying to flee the war. And those who did not manage to escape are robbed, raped and killed. Even children. This nightmare has been haunting the whole civilised world for months. And over time, its end seems to be further than ever.

Hundreds of millions of people from different eras, cultures and corners of the world felt the unbearable pain and horror of the war. Over time, all this experience dies along with its bearers, but at the same time, it crystallises in cultural artefacts. And such artefacts were collected in the "Sensitive Content" programme of the LINOLEUM festival. It includes seven author's animations that help us feel that we are not alone. They help us understand that we will be able to survive it. They make us believe that we will definitely become stronger than before. And we will never forget.

The project is supported by the British Council under the UK/Ukraine Season of Culture and in partnership with Skwigly Animation Magazine.

Running time 75 min.

  • Souvenir Souvenir
    Bastien Dubois

    France | 15:00 | 2020

    For ten years I pretended I wanted to get my grandfather to share his memories of the Algerian War. Today, I’m not sure I want to hear what he has to say, or whether I want to make this film at all.

  • Passage
    Igor Coric

    Serbia | 06:50 | 2019

    After a young boy is left alone to die in the midst of war and destruction, the last members of his tribe are dismantled to basic geometric forms under enemy fire. Taken by the feeling of sorrow and loss, the boy builds a totem out of their remains.

  • The Wind Whistles
    Alessandro Dordoni

    United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy | 15:15 | 2021

    April 16th, 1945. The end of World War II is approaching, but a small partisan outpost located near enemy lines has to overcome one last major obstacle – resist the surprise attack of 450 SS soldiers.

  • Wicked Girl
    Ayce Kartal

    France, Turkey | 08:00 | 2017

    S., 8 years old, is a little girl with an overflowing imagination. She is keen on nature and animals. While she is looking back on the good old days in her grand parents village from hospital room, dark and terrifying memories emerge and, little by little, begin to make sense.

    Ahmad Saleh

    Germany, Palestine, Qatar | 15:50 | 2021

    The dust of war keeps the eyes sleepless. Night brings peace and sleep to the broken town. Only the eyes of the mother of the missing child stay resilient. Night has to trick her into sleeping to save her soul.

  • The Hangman at home
    Michelle and Uri Kranot

    Canada, Denmark, France | 13:50 | 2021

    What does the hangman think about When he goes home at night from work?