Special Screenings | Contemporary Greek Animation
IZONE. Ground Floor

08.09 | 14:00-15:30

From the first Greek animation to date, we have come a long way. Especially in the past few years, the Greek animation sector is experiencing an unprecedented growth. During the last decade, a new dynamic generation of artists has produced films which were screened and awarded internationally recognized prizes for the emergence of new aesthetic paths, but also for their often sharp themes.

The sectors that have played the most crucial role during said growth are the country’s higher education and art education communities, the pioneering artists of previous generations, but also many artists from within the Greek Diaspora.

The program that we present, seeks to capture a segment of the contemporary animation in Greece.

In the new era of ASIFA HELLAS, our goal is for Greek animation to increasingly become the center of attention of the audience and the forefront of artistic development internationally.