Special Screenings | LINOLEUM: 30 years of Independent animation


LINOLEUM presents the programme of the best Ukrainian animation films of the last 30 years. The festival team chose ten short films that show the national "cartoons" as an art that can speak on various topics and capture the audience. Our selection brings together different generations of authors, different creative approaches and styles. This is a mini-history of animation in Independent Ukraine. But above all, these are films that arouse our admiration, and we want to share them with the audience in honour of the country's main holiday.

The program is available online for free on MEGOGO

Running time 100 min.

  • Crocodile
    Mykhailo Titov

    Ukraine | 09:00 | 1991

    A cartoon based on the story by F. M. Dostoevsky about a man who fell into the mouth of a crocodile and stayed there to live. He lives there, writes about economic laws, and dreams of a life like in Europe, where everyone feels sorry for crocodiles and those who live inside them...

  • etc.
    Oleh Kovalenko

    Ukraine | 05:17 | 1993

    A nocturnal confrontation between humans and mosquitoes with unexpected consequences. The film is provided by animation studio BORISFEN.

  • Yulia's Birthday
    Nataliya Marchenkova

    Ukraine | 15:00 | 1994

    A mystical and symbolic cartoon about a young woman who dies in the unsolved signs of destiny. She tries to find her lover, seeks to change lives. When she thinks that she has succeeded, everything melts and moves it into a nervous, painful condition that can lead to a disastrous end.

  • The Tram #9 Was Going
    Stepan Koval

    Ukraine | 09:23 | 2002

    A film about a familiar situation: the morning tram is already full of passengers and even more people are trying to get on.


  • № 201
    Oleg Pedan

    Ukraine | 08:23 | 2013

    On what basis does the system evaluate our usefulness? Can this usefulness be assessed at all? What will happen to us tomorrow if we do not give "enough milk"?

  • The Gum
    Olga Makarchuk

    Ukraine | 07:41 | 2013

    The Gum is an outcast, constantly neglected and forced to fit into circumstances. Until a random acquaintance with another rejected soul mate, a plastic bag, makes him dream of something bigger. Coming of age story of a bubble gum...

  • The Shop of SongBirds
    Anatoliy Lavrenishyn

    Ukraine | 18:00 | 2014

    In 1682 during his last trip to the Ottoman Empire Antoine Galland wrote down couple of stories that were told to him by a wandering monk. For unknown reasons those stories were not included to The Thousand and One Nights. Then 331 years have passed and animation studio MarcusFilm made a movie out of one of the most fantastic stories of the collection and called it The Shop of SongBirds.

  • Eluvium - Regenerative Being
    Stas Santimov

    Ukraine | 07:21 | 2017

    The official music video for Regenerative Being by Eluvium. A lonely man finds himself in a strange place where everything has been planned in advance for his arrival.

  • The Cord
    Olexandr Bubnov

    Ukraine | 06:39 | 2018

    This film is about blind maternal love, overcare, that doesn't let the son grow into a man, but makes his inner child stay helpless and infantile for ages.

  • Deep Love
    Mykyta Lyskov

    Ukraine | 13:57 | 2019

    Deep love has finally happened in Ukraine.