Special Screenings | David Cherkassky Retrospective: Rarities
IZONE. Ground Floor

September 7 | 20:00

LINOLEUM Festival honours the outstanding work of Ukrainian animator David Cherkassky (1931-2018). He won the love of millions of viewers with his animated blockbusters Adventures of Captain Wrongel, Doctor Aybolit, and The Treasure Island. But beyond the greatest hits, there are different amazing directorial achievements by David Cherkassky: from his debut poster-film on fire safety inspired by the Zagreb school of animation, to sad reflections on fame and talent in the Wings parable and up to unexpected mystical comedy based on Ukrainian folklore. The films selected for the retrospective show the development of Cherkassky's creative manner and leitmotifs that improved and influenced his famous animated series. He widely used the insertions of live-acted moments, intertitles, musical numbers, sketches on Soviet consumerism and his attraction to Western pop culture (even if veiled as the criticism of the ideological enemy). Cherkassky also played with the motives of the popular film, with detective stories and gangster movies most of all, thus his animations still captivate the audience.

Running Time 90 min.

  • The Mystery of the Black King
    David Cherkassky

    Ukraine | 1965 | 10:20

    Black smoke has risen over the city. A siren is wailing, and a fire brigade is on the way to fight the fire. Why has the fire started? Two detectives capture a trace of the "black king"…

  • Columbus Is Mooring to the Shore
    David Cherkassky

    Ukraine | 1967 | 16:49

    Renowned seafarer Christopher Columbus does not make it to discover a new continent in time and lands on American shore five hundred years later, in the heat of local election campaign.

  • Short Stories
    David Cherkassky

    Ukraine | 1970 | 08:48

    Two cautionary tales. The first is about a sage man who lived in a barrel and did not pay attention to people who were trying to influence on him. A parallel is drawn with modern problems. The second story is about a cunning young guy Ponurga and a richer, which have become the heroes of an interesting story about the psychological impact on the individual masses.

  • Oh the Wizard
    David Cherkassky

    Ukraine | 1971 | 18:41

    This story took place many years ago when the world wonders were commonplace. One man had a son who was neither zealous nor hard working, didn’t have special talent or intelligence. Then one day the father decided to teach his offspring life, giving him to a sorcerer Oh as an apprentice for one year.

  • Around the World Unwillingly
    David Cherkassky

    Ukraine | 1973 | 18:45

    About a poor little man, who did not expect to but became a traveler. But he does not buy expensive tickets, does not rent rooms in luxury hotels, and just gets to where fate leads him. Having spent a night in cannon, our hero could not even think that he will travel to distant lands together with the projectile. So, the capital of France...

  • What the Heck Do You Want
    David Cherkassky

    Ukraine | 1975 | 09:29

    A cartoon about how modern people well arranged in life spend their lives on pretense, chasing fashionable novelties that are not really needed to anyone, because they only exist in order to arouse the envy of others. At the same time, they do not like their lifestyle feeling uncomfortable, but is it possible to withdraw from the rules imposed by society?

  • Wings
    David Cherkassky

    Ukraine | 1983 | 09:56

    An ironic and instructive story. Kyrylo got an unexpected gift – a pair of beautiful wings. They allowed him to soar in the sky, which, of course, could not happen without them. But Kyrylo was so engrossed in his new skill that even began to teach birds. And then it turned out that the wings were supposed to get not to him...