Special Screenings | Ukrainian Retrospective: Becoming Human

This selection includes films for the adult audience from different years: starting from the early animators of the Kyivnaukfilm studio to the student work by Nikita Lyskov, one of the main representatives of author animation cinema in Ukraine. Following this year’s LINOLEUM main theme, this block represents various aspects of human experience. Awakening of humanity through interaction with animals (The Little Crane), a psychoanalytic illustration of becoming an adult (The Malicious Egg Breaker) or a satirical view on the extreme manifestation of individualism (It's no skin off my nose). Let’s rethink our local animation cinema together and reflect on the question “what does 'human' mean”.

Running Time 91 min.

  • The Eighth Day or the First Lesson of Thinking
    Volodymyr Dakhno

    USSR | 10:00 | 1971

    God created the world, had some rest and decided to teach the first people a thing or two. But it turned out to be far from an easy task. An ironic cartoon about the laws of thinking by the author of legendary Cossacks.

  • The man who could work miracles
    Yefrem Pruzhanskyi

    USSR | 10:00 | 1969

    An average hair-dresser who likes chatting and quarrels suddenly finds himself capable of doing miracles. Based on the novel by Herbert Wells.

  • The Man and The Word
    Eugene Syvokinj

    USSR | 08:30 | 1973

    Several stories about the way words influence people and human relationships.

  • The Malicious Egg Breaker
    Iryna Gurvych

    USSR | 09:00 | 1966

    As soon as the chicken hatched, it was immediately accused of breaking the egg. This unfortunate circumstance affected the bird’s entire life.

  • The Little Crane
    Anatolii Kyryk

    USSR | 10:00 | 1982

    A little boy rescues a bird that becomes his real friend. Based on the poem Wing by Borys Oliynyk.

  • It's no skin off my nose
    Yefrem Pruzhanskyi

    USSR | 10:00 | 1971

    A satirical portrait of a person whose irresistible principles are philistinism and passive life position.


  • Becoming Strong
    Stepan Koval

    Ukraine | 15:00 | 2009

    This film is about a person that society constantly tries to remould to its liking: at home, school, work. How to put an end to this pressure and finally get your own shape?


  • Unwritten Letter
    Eugene Syvokinj

    USSR | 09:15 | 1985

    A penetrating and psychologically subtle story of one separation and what remains after it.


  • Eye
    Nikita Liskov

    Ukraine | 09:53 | 2010

    A blind person accidentally starts to see. The second animation film by Mykyta Lyskov, created during his studies at the Film School in Kyiv.