Special Screenings | Collective uncanny: Ukrainian 80-90s horrors

A special program of Ukrainian animated horrors, mystics and black comedies continues Ukrainian retrospective started by LINOLEUM last year. From late perestroika and up until the first economically challenging and pessimistic years of independence in Ukraine a range of animations was created, taking in the gloomy feeling of those times.  The program includes films from collections Horrors and Terrors, scary screenings of little-known works by Gogol and Platonov and other Ukrainian animations deserving re-evaluation and comeback to the audience, also establishing the history of Ukrainian animated horror.

  • Strasti-Mordasti
    Volodymyr Goncharov, Vadym Tyuriaev, Oleksandr Bubnov, Valeriy Konoplyov

    Ukraine | 1990 | 10:00

    There are three short stories. The first is about piece of meat, followed by chasing hands in the usual Soviet kitchen, wanting to make mincemeat out of him. There is a real siege, but he still runs away. The second is about the guest from unknown worlds. A third is about a Kolobok, who tries to absorb all starved animals on in his path.

  • Yulia's Birthday
    Nataliya Marchenkova

    Ukraine | 1994 | 15:00

    A mystical and symbolic cartoon about a young woman who dies in the unsolved signs of destiny. She tries to find her lover, seeks to change lives. When she thinks that she has succeeded, everything melts and moves it into a nervous, painful condition that can lead to a disastrous end.

  • The Terrible Vengeance
    Mykhailo Titov

    Ukraine | 1988 | 20:00

    About friendship, betrayal and hidden resentments that have befallen the protagonists during their stay in the royal army. For instance, one employee, Ivan, was bestowed a very high reward for bravery. But not everyone had it to their liking. Soon Petro, his sworn brother, took all the money from Ivan having contributed to Ivan’s falling into the precipice. Petro has now become rich, but this is only the beginning of his story...

  • Tension
    Oleksandr Gunkovsky

    Ukraine | 1993 | 02:45

    What a person does in a state of great relaxation.

  • Why Uncle Jam limps
    Yevhen Syvokin

    Ukraine | 1989 | 09:00

    An old man lived in a large city and worked as a theater cloakroom attendant. His days were boring and gray, until his left leg began to sing on a rainy gloomy. And what singing it is! It would be impossible to hide, even if you really try hard. With such an outlandish miracle, the old man is offered to perform on stage...

  • Eric
    Mykhailo Titov

    Ukraine | 1989 | 08:00

    There was a little man, which did not have any mental capacity or wealth of the soul. On the contrary, he was dull, down to earth, and was not interested in anything except for material things. It made him completely happy and carefree. One day a powerful enemy gave him the ability to quickly create people right out of clay or any other improvised means...

  • Talkmasters
    Nataliya Marchenkova

    Ukraine | 1993 | 05:00

    To entertain the guests at a party, a little pale girl is asked to recite some rhymes. But these rhymes are not childish in the least.

  • The Clinic
    Oleksandr Bubnov

    Ukraine | 1993 | 13:00

    Have you ever been chased by nightmares about doctors? All undead headed by Viy the radiologist and the scariest things from medicine await you in The Clinic!

  • Nightmare
    B. Volkov

    Ukraine | 1992 | 02:00

    It comes from somewhere from the dark, beyond earth. It comes with the scariest fangs and the sharpest claws. It comes when it is called and when it is not expected at all. It is Nightmare...