Special Screenings | Ukrainian Retrospective: Recovered
Zhovten. Anshlag

29.09 | 18:30

Revision of national animation for adults in the 1960s and 1980s. Despite constant ideological control, this period opened a whole galaxy of talented animators who created both "blockbusters" and eloquent satirical films, lyrical, philosophical and political works. We deliberately picked little-known or obscure works of the chosen authors: melancholic and intimate White Arena by Iryna Hurvych, bright and always relevant satire What the hell do you want? by David Cherkassky, attentive to personal feelings Caution – Nerves! and Window by Yevhen Syvokin, loud symbolic farewell to the Soviet era The Truth in Close Up by Volodymyr Honcharov etc. Each film in this selection is still capable of impressing the viewers with its conceptual and visual details and is worthy of presenting Ukrainian animation's informal history.

  • Myshko + Mashka
    Hippolyte Lazarchuk

    Ukraine | 1964 | 09:15

    A girl Masha and a boy Misha loved to play together. Their mothers were best friends, and their cat and dog also enjoyed spending time together. What a wonderful time it was, when Misha and Masha could sit for hours in the sandbox, and their mothers meanwhile jointly planted plants and did housework. But one day, the two women had a quarrel, which could not avoid the communication of their...

  • Demagogue
    Volodymyr Goncharov

    Ukraine | 1968 | 02:32

    Socio-political satire of the intelligentsia of our time.

  • Caution – nerves!
    Eugene Syvokinj

    Ukraine | 1975 | 06:54

    Every day, almost every adult faces situations in which they inevitably begin to feel negative emotions. It often begins with waking up with an annoying warbling alarm, followed by transport, where is so many people in a hurry, and after all this the working day begins with the inherent responsibility and stress. And it is possible not to be nervous?
  • Encounter
    Mykhailo Titov

    Ukraine | 1984 | 09:51

    Three aliens from different planets posing as humans meet in a derelict hut and after their meeting come to the conclusion that people don't believe such an encounter can take place.

  • White Arena
    Iryna Gurvych

    Ukraine | 1987 | 08:42

    This is a story about an amazing circus. In its completely white scene white actors and animals performed, which was particularly noticeable in the spotlight. The strongmen, comical and even sad characters took part in the performance. But one day the color of the rainbow lit up the heart of one of the performers here...
  • The Window
    Eugene Syvokinj

    Ukraine | 1987 | 10:06

    Looking out of the window for the last time, staring at your entire life, from the very childhood to your silver-haired age... Paint-on-glass animation.

  • The Truth in Close Up
    Volodymyr Goncharov

    Ukraine | 1988 | 09:40

    An ironic cartoon about the political system of the Soviet Union, which is designed for an adult audience. Accents indicate the characteristic points for different periods of government leaders, drawing parallels with the changing face of the people. But depicted ordinary people would like it the most to see the truth that they eventually obtained.