Special Screenings | Ukrainian Retrospective: Eros
Zhovten. Kinoman Hall

02.09 | 20:00

This selection of erotic films challenges stereotypes about the chastity of Ukrainian animation. The first but rather modest scenes of passion were present in the full-length animation Aeneid (1991), created by Volodymyr Dakhno at the Ukranimafilm studio. However, the interest in intimacy at the state studio ended the following year after the films Love Story and ...We are men! But the baton was taken over by the authors at the private studios Borysfen and Magika-Film. Thus, Vadym Tyuriaev's latest film LSD (1994) uses the techniques of body horror, aesthetically referring to the images of H.R. Giger. Over the last ten years, works addressing female sexuality and queerness have appeared in Ukrainian animation. This program could be closed chronologically by this year's animation Deep Water, which participates in the National Competition. However, the emotional finale of the selection is an old hooligan clip by Mykyta Lyskov, in which explosive video completely destroys all possible lustful subtexts.

Curated by Yulia Kuznietsova

Running Time 81 min.

  • 9 1/2 minutes
    Serhiy Kushnierov

    Ukraine | 09:00 | 1993

    A film about fierce passion and things that come after.


  • Ceremony
    Julija Proskurina

    Ukraine | 01:00 | 2016

    A sacred inside of a purification ceremony.

  • Othello
    Mykhailo Titov

    Ukraine | 04:00 | 1992

    Part of the miniature selection “We men!”, based on the relationship between men and women.

  • Big and Small
    Natalia Marchenkova

    Ukraine | 03:00 | 1992

    Part of the miniature selection “We men!”, based on the relationship between men and women.

  • Pictures at an Exhibition
    Julija Proskurina

    Ukraine | 01:00 | 2016

    The three act art piece which uncovers the faces of female sexuality, created in the classical ink on paper animation technique.

  • LSD
    Vadym Tyuriaev

    Ukraine | 10:00 | 1994

    A film about the coexistence of two relations of human consciousness and universal reality. No one knows what reality is. Consciousness can be submissive and different. The different one floats in the flow of unjust world order.

  • Wandering between
    Anatoliy Lavrenishyn

    Ukraine | 10:00 | 2005

    An animation about a boy seeking for love and getting lost in the world of fantasies.

  • Bluebeard's last wife
    Olexandr Bubnov

    Ukraine | 13:00 | 1996

    An unexpected and ironic version of the classical story. In search of another victim, Bluebeard meets a mysterious lady who has her own collection of murdered men.

  • He, she, me and you
    Julija Proskurina

    Ukraine | 06:00 | 2016

    Poetic, but a tough story of how feelings morph: in the middle of parties, brutal talks, lovers, and mistresses. A story of a passion, which sometimes replaces the feelings, of a habit that is sometimes more powerful than desire and of the most significant, which always remains in a secret place in the heart.

  • Love Story
    Serhii Mindlin, Sergey Gizila

    Ukraine | 10:00 | 1992

    The worm, trying to escape from the death, accidentally hits the cinema to watch a candid adult movie. From now on, he is obsessed with finding his lover. At first, he chooses a ladybug who actually turns out to be a man, reacting aggressively to the worm's courtship. But this is only the beginning of the search...

  • Coffee Grounds
    Oleksandra Ilmenska

    Ukraine | 07:00 | 1998

    Sometimes our imagination turns into something more material than real life.


  • Dreams
    Andrii Naumenko

    Ukraine | 03:00 | 2018

    A story about dreams and what happens when they come true.

  • The Gerogerigegege - Her Name’s On My Cock
    Mykyta Lyskov

    Ukraine | 04:00 | 2013

    An unofficial music video for a song by a Japanese band The Gerogerigegege.