4-5.09 | 12:00-18:00

вхід вільний, реєстрація обов'язкова

  • Replacements
    Jonathan Hagard

    Japan | 12:00 | 2020

    "Replacements" depicts a Javanese family routinely observing their neighborhood day after day, generation after generation, replacement after replacement. it is a VR story about roots, time and change.

  • Passenger
    Isobel Knowles, Van Sowerwine

    Australia | 10:00 | 2019

    PASSENGER is a 360 degree stop-motion VR film that tells the story of arriving in a new country to live. Your taxi driver, himself a migrant to Australia, navigates the new terrain with you, acting as your guide while also revealing small parts of his own story. PASSENGER recreates and investigates the geographic and visual dislocation of arriving somewhere unfamiliar, and beginning the journey of finding a new home in a foreign land.

  • Black Bag
    Shao Qing

    China | 12:00 | 2019

    Ex-military security guard, Mr.S works for a bank and leads the life of a normal working-class man. He fantasises about a major heist, a dream that becomes reality. This VR film uses abstract metaphor, combined with a unique hand-painted art style to create an intense high-quality thriller.

  • Dislocation
    Veljko Popovic, Milivoj Popovic

    Croatia | 07:45 | 2020

    The VR experience Dislocation takes a look at an absurd moment of disbelief and fear. It examines the internal processes that develop and offers a visual depiction of a person forced into extreme circumstances – a moment of dislocation. We follow the protagonist along a beach in Greece, the Texas desert and a Slovenian forest and journey into his mind where the memories of his lost home slowly decay.

  • Pause
    Michal Shoshan

    Israel | 2021

    “Pause” is a generative game created by wandering. I created the game whilst being inspired by Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. The book is about man as an individual and the way he looks at the world. It talks about the ability to search within nothingness for meaning; about nature and the small changes that affect a person's choices whether consciously or not. It raises the notion that an individual is part of a group, part of a body, within a changing and dynamic rhythm, teaching us new things about the existing and the renewable.

  • The Hangman At Home VR
    Michelle and Uri Kranot

    Denmark | 25:00 | 2020

    Inspired by the iconic Carl Sandburg poem (1922), this VR single-user immersive experience explores themes of acknowledgement and participation. It is not about hanging people, but about the awkward intimacy that comes with being human, and the connection between spectator, witness, and accomplice. The animated, interactive experience invites you into five interwoven stories, capturing pivotal moments in people’s lives. The Hangman at Home – VR ultimately reveals that we are all more alike than different, while raising questions of responsibility.

  • Minimum Mass
    Raqi Syed, Areito Echevarria

    New Zealand | 20:00 | 2020

    Love, loss, and black holes. Minimum Mass is the story of couple who experience a series of miscarriages and come to believe their children are being born in another dimension. Set in contemporary Rotorua, New Zealand and in the speculative world of black holes.