Commercial vs Author animation: difference, advantages and teamwork
Commercial vs Author animation: difference, advantages and teamwork
Daphna Awadish, Tory Polska, Alice Saey

2.09 | 18:00

Directors Daphna Awadish, Tory Polska and Alice Saey will share their experience in animation. Animators will talk about the difference between commercial and author projects. They will reflect on the possibilities of these two industries to exist separately and where their points of intersection are. Can a commissioned project turn into a festival film and vice versa – can an author project bring box office success? What role does a team play in author and commercial animations? The directors and members of the LINOLEUM jury will touch upon all these issues.


Daphna Awadish is an Israeli filmmaker and illustrator living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She specialized in creating animated documentaries and works as an independent illustrator and animator. Her last two short films ‘Journey Birds’ and ‘Bear with Me’ were screened at several international festivals and won a number of awards such as the Best Animation Award- Jerusalem Film Festival and the Fantastic Award in Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film

Alice Saey is a Parisian-born, Rotterdam-adopted visual artist. Her work focuses on poetic and graphic forms on narration, in the field on design and film. After graduating from a graphic design master at HEAR in Strasbourg (2014), she took on a job as a book cover designer while secretly animating naked ladies, dancing geese and singing volcanos. Her music videos She’s Young (Shaking Godspeed, 2015), Happy (Mark Lotterman, 2017) and Careful (Jo Goes Hunting, 2020) travelled the world and were awarded at festivals such as Annecy (FR), Ottawa (CA), Klik! (NL), Linoleum (UKR). Her next short film Flatastic (Miyu Productions/Keplerfilm, written by Léa Perret) is an apocalyptic comedy involving manta rays and flat human beings.

Tory Polska is a designer of animation films. Her main specialization is environment design and research. Tory has been active in the industry for eight years. Now she’s working on the development of visual language for a cartoon in Netflix studio.