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LINOLEUM LECTORIUM will take place online September 7-11 for free with the support of Projector Library and British Council under the UK/UKraine Season of Culture.

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  • "Soviet cartoons" or national school: who does Ukrainian animation belong to?
    Anastasiia Kanivets

    07.09 | 16:30 (EEST)

    "Kind Soviet cartoons" – this is probably the most famous definition of Soviet animation among the general public. Few people think that "Soviet cartoons" were actually created by national, pretty self-contained animation schools of various USSR republics. Ukrainian school was one of them and was one of the leading ones. The cult films "Alice in Wonderland", "Adventures of Captain Wrongel", "Treasure Island", etc., were created by this school. Yevhen Syvokin, Davyd Cherkaskyi, Yefym Pruzhanskyi and many other bright representatives of original animation were and are Ukrainian masters.  Film researcher Anastasiia Kanivets will talk about the peculiarities of the Ukrainian animation school and its complex relationship with the Soviet film production system. We hope our lecture will turn into a fruitful discussion about the development of Ukrainian animation!

  • Media creativity in overcoming the collective trauma of war
    Olena Voznesenska

    07.09 | 18:00 (EEST)

    Art therapy is a powerful method of helping a person who has suffered mental trauma. It provides opportunities to restore personal resources and create new ones; to work simultaneously with corporal, figurative and emotional components of the perception of the traumatic experience; to release and comprehend intense feelings associated with traumatic events; to rethink these events and build new productive life strategies that will contribute to post-traumatic personality development. Working on psychological assistance and art therapy are necessary for psychological rehabilitation after psycho-traumatic events. Media art therapy is the newest type of art therapy that uses the possibilities of information and communication technologies to overcome the consequences of traumatic events.

  • Ilze Burkovska Jakobsen master class
    Ilze Burkovska Jakobsen

    07.09 | 19:30  (EEST)

    Ilze grew up in the Soviet Union. She was an outstanding pioneer and was very interested in the Second World War, which was called the Great Patriotic War when she was young. In her film "My Favourite War" (2020), the director critically rethought her childhood using animation mixed with real photos and video clips from Soviet cinema. During her workshop, Ilze will share how she created this film and how animation allows for a documentary reproduction of reality built on memories and eyewitness testimonies.


  • Joanna Quinn Master Class
    Joanna Quinn

    08.09 | 18:00 (EEST)

    Joanna Quinn, whose acclaimed body of work includes the Oscar-nominated shorts Famous Fred, The Wife of Bath and her most recent film Affairs of the Art, speaks with Ben Mitchell of Skwigly Online Animation Magazine in an exclusive talk as part of the Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival. Having achieved major success at the very beginning of her career with her multi-award-winning debut film Girls Night Out, Joanna has since become an inspirational figurehead to many in the animation world through the work of her studio Beryl Productions.

  • Professional burnout in creative work: how to prevent and overcome it
    Halyna Sasyn

    08.09 | 19:30 (EEST)

    We going to talk aout identification and activation of values: awareness of one's place in a team; dealing with emotional states that burn and destroy us; dealing with oppressive thoughts and feelings; energy management competence for helpful action during a prolonged war. Halyna Sasyn - practical psychologist (cognitive behavioural, Schema and emotionally-focused couple therapy). Member of the Ukrainian Association of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, guest lecturer at "Krok" University. Co-founder and trainer of the D-Space training company. Leader of support groups for parents at the NGO "Angel's Care" and groups in the "Poruch" [Nearby] psychological project. Volunteer for the "Resilience Hub" platform for psychological support of Ukrainians in times of crisis. 

  • Uri Kranot Master Class
    Uri Kranot

    09.09 | 18:00 (EEST)

    Uri Kranot is an Israeli-Danish animator. With his wife Michelle, he creates short animated videos that reflect the political agenda in a profound and unusual way. During the workshop with the filmmaker, we will go through his entire creative path, full of experiments with animation techniques. We will also talk about how a reflection on current events is born and how long it takes to publish it in a short animated form, which can conquer viewers worldwide.

  • Presentation of "Take care of yourself", an animated series about mental health during the war
    Anastasia Falileieva, Kateryna Voropai

    09.09 | 19:30 (EEST)

    In short videos, psychologists clearly explain the crisis situations that Ukrainian men and women live in and how to overcome them. Viewers will get answers to questions that arise every day since the full-scale war began: "How to deal with the feeling of guilt that I am safe?"; "What to do when you lose control over yourself and the situation?"; "How to calm down a stressed baby?" Simple coping practices are presented in the series too.

  • Workshops for kids and tutors
    Olena Voznesenska, Oleksandra Kliushanova

    10-11.09 | 11:00-15:00



  • Professional burnout in creative work: how to prevent and overcome it
    Oleksii Karachynskyi

    10.09 | 15:00 (EEST)

    This lecture will provide a definition of professional burnout and raise several important issues:

    • How to recognize the professional burnout syndrome: 10 symptoms;
    • Occupational burnout risk groups and leading causes;
    • How to prevent repeated burnout at work and overcome it?
  • Priit Pärn's master class. HOTEL E
    Priit Pärn

    11.09 | 15:00 (EEST)

    Priit will talk on the creation of his film HOTEL E (1992). How he got the idea, the structure of the film, filling the basic structure with events, solutions for style of animation and visual design as well as describe the work process. The master class will be moderated by Ukrainian animation director Mykyta Lyskov.