Virtual reality and the role of interactivity in media art
Virtual reality and the role of interactivity in media art
Daryna Fes

September 7 | 18:00 | IZONE first floor

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The lecture will be dedicated to virtual reality as a special direction in media art. We will consider the existing kinds of VR, look at the points where they coincide or clash with more classical art forms, explore what are the features and opportunities / limitations for the artist, whether it is important to be familiar with programming and how to collaborate with developers.

Before the lecture, there is a tutorial where you can look at VR work for a better understanding of technology.


Daryna Fes graduated from National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (KPI) where she studied mathematics and programming. She took up photography during her studies and co-founded the KPI Photo School and is a member of the Ukrainian Photographic Alternative. She received her master’s degree with the work on the topic of “Augmented Reality Systems in Media Art”. After that, she focused on digital art, selecting for herself the form of interactive virtual reality. Daryna currently works as a VR / AR developer at Sensorama Lab.