Animation within the context of contemporary art
Animation within the context of contemporary art
Oleksandr Sirous

05.09 | 16:00

The lecture will cover animation in the context of new media and how it changes under the influence of other types of contemporary art, such as games, performance, installation. What kind of new animation tools emerged? How to use bugs and mistakes in search of innovation? How to use AI in contemporary animation?


Oleksandr Sirous has over 3 years of experience in animation and CG, he worked on animation projects in various game and animation studios: short animation film The trap, animation series South farm, film Bobot at the Mental Drive post-production studio. He has his own non-commercial projects in 2D, 3D, 360, VR, works in the field of new media art, participates in international residencies and festivals, teaches at Photinus School, KAMA, Carbon.