60s. The lost treasures
60s. The lost treasures
Sofia Rozumenko, Olena Golubeva

4.09 | 18:00

It is a story about incredible women who changed the world around them and were not afraid to oppose the totalitarian system. The project 60s. The lost treasures is about 5 Ukrainian artists, the Sixtiers, "hooligans" in art. They did not want to bow to boring stereotypical images inherent in Soviet art and created their bright path.


Sofia Rozumenko – author and curator of the project, illustrator and producer. She was the chief designer in the Prime Time magazine, taught drawing and composition at the Art School for Children №6, worked as a storyboarder of clips and short films, radio host. In 2019, she joined the animation studio Chervonyi Sobaka and became a colourist of the feature animation film Victor_Robot. After completing the film, she joined the studio's production team and worked on the short animated films The War That Changed Rondo and Deep Water. In 2020, she began to work on the project 60s The lost treasures with the Ukrainian Animation Association UAnima within the programme Ukraine Everywhere of the Ukrainian Institute.

Olena Golubeva is the producer of the project. She holds a Master degree in psychology. She is a producer, head of production at the Chervonyi Sobaka animation studio since 2006. She organized the Ukrainian national stand at the animation forum in Annecy in 2017-2019. Executive director of the Ukrainian Animation Association UAnima since 2017. In 2001-2019, she was a lecturer at the Department of Film Directing and Film Drama at Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University (courses "Psychology of film industry management", "Psychology of creativity"). In 1999-2014, Olena was a researcher at the Laboratory of Psychology of Mass Communication and Media Education of the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (social psychology). She is a member of the Public Council at the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting and the Public Council at the Ukrainian State Film Agency. Producer of the full-length animation film Victor_robot, short animated films Deep Water, Empathy, The War That Changed Rondo, Here by Herself and others