Life among puppets: working as stop motion animator
Life among puppets: working as stop motion animator
Anastasia Falileieva

04.09 | 12:00

Anastasiia Falileieva will share her experience and reveal some secrets about an unusual profession of stop-motion animator. The lecture will cover general information about the work, ethics, her achievements and failures, production experience. She will also speak about the ways to get into the world of animation. This lecture will be particularly interesting for those who are on the way to choosing a future profession.


Anastasiia Falileieva is an animation filmmaker. She participated and received awards at numerous film festivals all around the world. She was nominated for the KINOKOLO film critics award in 2019. She is founder of the Studio plastic bag animation, animation director at KAPI studio, Hronica video content agency and VJ artist and animator of Pianoboy band.